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PS3 officially launches in Brazil |

ps3sIf you would recall, Sony officially launched the PS2 in Brazil just last November and retailed for US$ 465. Nine months later, it’s the PS3’s turn to invade the largest country in South America. If you thought they had it rough with the PS2 price, get a load of the PS3’s. How much? It’s only over a thousand US dollars.

The PS3 will retail in Brazil at R$ 1,999, which would be about US$ 1,130. Believe it or not, it could’ve been worse. Sony originally intended to price the system at R$ 2,499, or about US$1,408. But to stay competitive with the Xbox 360, which checks in between US$ 999-1599 over there, they went for the smaller price range.

Why the insane pricing? Brazil happens to have import taxes that the ol’ Sheriff of Nottingham would wet his pants for.

Vol Juegos (translated) [via Kotaku]

  • Leandro

    I don´t see that way…I brought my ps3 from US. and with all import taxes and burocracy, my console´s price went just a little more than there. I don´t understand why this price about US$ 1,130!! If we get a Ps3 in ebay or other it will be much lower… (ship, taxes, import taxes, and others)… In any Store in here the prices of a PS3 are about half of Sony Brazil.
    But we are happy now Ps3 is in Brazil, I hope PSN soon invade the largest country in South America.
    At last, now in Brazil, all we gamers are united to bring the import taxes down: help us too, on twitter follow @jogojusto (gamefair).

  • Allan

    Yeah its true, the officiall price in Brasil is R$1999, but many stores you find another prices like R$1050 or R$998.
    Yes here in Brazil there are high tax rates, since a packet of Cookies, or a PS3.
    So I bought mine in the USA two years ago.
    To get an idea of the games cost R$150-R$300 here, and I have bought all 15 games here.The most expensive game is Rock Band 2 bundle your price is R$1380.
    I hope the SONY to create the ps store soon and the All DLCs are compatible with area 1

  • EdEN

    Brazil, in an effort to jump start and/or promote the manufacturing of electronics has set craaaaaaaaaazy import taxes on those brought into the country and thus this is what they end up with. Crazy that so many years later the PS2 hadn’t gotten a proper release but with those prizes no wonder the PS3 took a while.

    Hopefully Brazil gets PSN store access AND they can use their credit cards because that seems to be the only way they’ll have access to cheaper games.