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New DiRT 3 Screens |

DiRT 3 is, arguably, going to be one of the best looking racing games out there (CodeMasters has always done a really awesome job of making great looking games anyway). They recently released a collection of 5 shots from the game, which show a lot of the detail in the game, as well as the diversity in the tracks (something DiRT 2, at least, was lacking in).

I love racing games, and DiRT 2, in my opinion, is still one of the best off-road racers (though, RalliSport Challenge 2 might edge it out on track variety, but it appears DiRT 3 could take that away from them). Can’t wait to get this one. With older rally cars being a part of it (it was mentioned in a press release a couple weeks ago), I’d like to get my hands on an old Lancia Stratos, assuming it will make an appearance in there. It’s one of my favorite rally cars. Be sure to check a larger version of this picture, as well as 4 other ones, after the jump.

  • These look great but they are more artsy then anything else, and we know how everything works when we see the real thing. I guess we need to wait on some game footage.

  • Jay

    DiRT 2’s gameplay was pretty comparable to the pre-release screenshots, so I wouldn’t be surprised if DiRT 3 looks similar to these screens in terms of art style.

  • Looks like a gymkhana track set in Monte Carlo, I like.

    The screenshots look like they are taken with an in game photo mode (like Blur, Modnation Racers or Wipeout’s) judging by the use of aperture.

  • Kratos

    Dirt is a decent game but will never live up to Rallisport 2. It was 60fps which is mandatory for good racing games. The controls were the absolute best controls ever in a racing game, rivaled only by Burnout 3.

    And let me say something one more time –