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Control the XMB with PlayStation Move |

Anton Mikhailov mentioned that it’s possible to control the XMB with the PlayStation Move. Now we have some details. What is really interesting is these guys don’t even have a PlayStation Eye hooked up!

That’s the screen that greets you when you first try to access the XMB with a Move attached. Not the chaps in brollies, mind, they’re part of an advert from PlayTV. The screen explains that to navigate the XMB, you simply hold in the trigger and move the Move up, down, left or right . Except you don’t, really, I found it’s much more responsive if you angle the controller rather than move it.

Here is a neat way to control a Blu-ray/DVD movie. Hold the trigger and swing the Move to control the playback speed (and direction) of the movie.

There’s a calibration screen (below) that lets you reset the Move’s sensors via a bizarre twisting ritual that works much better without a wire charging the Move – we didn’t actually need to calibrate the Move at all, mind, but it’s nice to know the option, which is under the Settings column on the XMB, is there in case we need it.

No video of this sadly, but at least Sony is providing us with this option. Be interesting to see what else they develop. I’d like to see a interactive way to browse videos and photos. For example press square while on the video or photo part of the XMB and sort by thumbnails. Then you browse around with the Move grab a video/photo and stretch it (if you have 2 controllers) to play the video.

Anyway, how would you like to see the Move control the XMB?

PlayStation Move: It Only Does Everything

  • EdEN

    Could have a learning curve from what it says there but will give it a go.

  • mairondil

    EdEN, actually it’s pretty simple, once you remember to hold down the T (trigger on the bottom) button.

  • Pretty cool, but I can’t really see myself navigating the OS with the Move. XMB’s genius is that it only requires two dimensions of interaction, so it’s perfectly suited for the four (eight) directional controller… or for my Sony remote (, which is what I use all the time except when gaming.

  • I love using the Sony remote when in another part of the house, lol.

  • mairondil

    Well, come to think of it, it’s only pretty simple for simple menus, like the menu when you hold down the PS button. When trying to select a single photo from the XMB it’s kinda difficult to hone in on the one I want.

    So basically if there’s a lot of options to go through, like finding 1 particular friend, you might scroll past it a few times.

  • EdEN

    @premiersoupir: The Bluray remote I only use when viewing movies which come to think of it was about a month ago. Need to see a movie on sunday to make that right. Maybe Astro Boy?