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Find what changed on the website |

It’s time for everyones favorite hunting game. Find what Tosh did to the website. This usually happens in the Live Chat. But I wanted to give more people a chance this time. I added a new feature to the website. First person to comment on this post with the correct answer will get 300 points! If nobody guesses by tomorrow, I’ll give you a clue. Good hunting!


  1. And no it’s not this image

  2. hrm, has there always been a store? I know you gave away t-shirts some months ago, so I suppose the store’s been around a while.

  3. It’s not the store, good guess though.

  4. It’s the “join a group or create your own” button. Also that “Global Site Activity” button doesn’t look familiar either. Am I right?

  5. How about new sub-menus under “My Acc’t,” etc. at top? I recall dropping down “Activity,” “Profile,” etc., but I don’t recall these branching off to other submenus (Activity -> Friends, Mentions, etc.).

  6. lol should’ve clicked the link in Tosh’s first post

  7. Oh is it the “Latest Game Nights” tab in the Archives?

  8. Negative, be at least your learning about the site more 😉

  9. keep searching people.. or if u donate 400 points to me i’ll tell you..

  10. Does this include the forum?

  11. In a way. Explain..

  12. I meant, is the forum counted as part of the site?

  13. Actually… it’s starting to sound like a ridiculous question. My bad >.<

  14. Yes the forum is counted as part of the site 😉

  15. The layout in the forum is diff..
    Most Recent Topics With Unread Posts
    New Posts since your last visit Topics you have posted in
    and the little pics that go with it

  16. Nope

  17. the blue on the X in the logo is different

  18. None of the PlayStation Shapes changed at all.

  19. Ok, time for the first clue. But you’ll have to head over to the Facebook page to see it. Be sure to “Like” the page as well. You can access it here –

  20. Links to share everything on social networks, on every small little thing? The user’s points showing up in comments? …Tosh having a new avatar? The suspiciously small link to Visit “Random Member” and “Random Group”? The link under My Network that says “Install Linux on PS3”? (though that’s more like a lack of change, really) Thought I might as well throw all those in, since I’m not very familiar with the site in the first place.

  21. Good guesses DarkLance, but no.

  22. The Gravatar account email association option for a user’s avatar?

  23. No, but it’s the recommended way to have a avatar 😉

  24. Next clue is up on the Facebook page.

  25. Is it the drop down menu’s in the forum? For recently updated topics and forum selection?

  26. Negative

  27. New Posts since your last visit Topics you have posted in

  28. Nope, next clue tomorrow on Facebook

  29. Next clue will be given when we have 100 fans “likes” on our Facebook page. Which is only 2 more people.

  30. Created Google addiction group

  31. no, that’s been there for a while. Doesn’t have anything to do with groups.

  32. •5 Points for voting in the poll in the point leader board

  33. No, and next clue is up on the Facebook page since we now have 100 fans.

  34. that’s been there a while too.. hmmm
    I think I know where the change is, and I spend more time there than anyone besides Tosh, soooo.. I think we need 2000 points for this one lol

  35. Point value is 300 points now. Next clue tomorrow on Facebook.

  36. You created a new link to Sly

  37. Created the link stock.xchng-the leading freestock photography site

    • Try again

  38. facebook, twitter, youtube, rss buttons pinned to the right margin of the page.

  39. premiersoupir:

    facebook, twitter, youtube, rss buttons pinned to the right margin of the page.  


    That was my next guess lol.

  40. Thats gotta be it, I don’t ever remember seeing those

  41. Those have been there, just blend in well 😉

  42. Reviews For Everything under My Network? lol

  43. I added a new feature to the website.

    It’s not in the footer at all.

  44. Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorry Tosh.

  45. New Share Icons

  46. I know, I’m just guessing now.

    • Incorrect

  47. MY FAVORITES!!! awesome

  48. lol

  49. online/offline status associated with username in posts on forum? forum message tags + related topic search function?

  50. “post edited” language automatically appended?

  51. nice guesses but no

  52. Group forum.. recently posted Avatars

    • no next clue in the morning.

  53. Games I want and Games to trade sections in profile section.

  54. The Visit Users Website link at the top of the post.

  55. Next clue after we get 5 more fans(likes) on our Facebook page. I’ll make it a image clue as well 😉

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