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Red Dead Redemption Double XP Weekend |

Starting August 13th at 1PM Eastern and ending August 15th at Midnight Eastern, players will be able to earn double XP in Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer modes. This double XP weekend is a celebration of the Legends and Killers DLC that was released earlier this week. See the original post on the Rockstar News Wire

  • there ya go!! 😎

    I’ll def be on!

  • Also, this includes free roam!!

  • I lvl’d from 6 to 17 in about an hour as I was playing this afternoon haha

  • wow awesome..

  • here is the info on the new DLC levels “Here’s a full breakout of the new Competitive Multiplayer locations and their accompanying modes:

    • Blackwater – Shootout, Gang Shootout, Gold Rush, Hold Your Own and Grab The Bag
    • Escalera – Shootout and Gang Shootout
    • Fort Mercer – Shootout, Gang Shootout, Gold Rush and Grab The Bag
    • Hennigan’s Stead – Hold Your Own and Grab The Bag
    • Manzanita Post – Hold Your Own and Grab The Bag
    • Punto Orgullo – Hold Your Own
    • Rio Bravo – Shootout, Gang Shootout and Gold Rush
    • Tall Trees – Hold Your Own
    • Thieves Landing – Shootout, Gang Shootout, Gold Rush, Hold Your Own and Grab The Bag

    Additionally, the following original locations now have new Competitive Multiplayer modes available for play:

    • Diez Coronas – Grab The Bag
    • Pacific Union Railroad Camp – Shootout and Gang Shootout
    • Tumbleweed – Gold Rush and Hold Your Own

  • dave

    im lvling up every 2 games i am at lvl23 and still going up fast its taken 1 1/2 hours to do all that i am doing gaptooth over and over its the fastest try it u will lvl up fast

  • dave

    also i am in the top ten of gaptooth on the leaderboards

  • Nice Dave…
    I leveled up 6 times last night while getting 2 trophies

  • @dave you should run Pikes Basin for level grinding. I get an average of 1900 XP from running it once. Double that, i was knocking out 2 levels at once when i was playing.

  • Didn’t get to grind as much as I wanted. But I knocked out about 2.5 levels. Not too bad for as high as I am.

  • caste581

    yesterday during double xp weekend i had been doing tesoro azul with some people for a quite long time. i got like 2000 xp each time. i leveled up from lvl 35 to lvl 47 pretty fast! soon i will turn into legend #4!!!! unlocking the superbull!! yehhh