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Movie News: Star Wars coming to Blu-Ray |

That’s right boys and girls STAR WARS is finally coming to the Blu-ray player in your Galaxy. Over the past 6 years since Blu-ray has entered the market one of the most commonly asked questions has been, “When will Star Wars be released on Blu-ray?” Well the answer was finally given at Star Wars Celebration V taking place in Orlando Florida this week. We will be able to view the saga in all it’s HD glory in the Fall of 2011 most likely around November. Expect a 6 movie box set that will include the Special Edition version of the films and what is sure to be hours and hours of extra features.

There is no mention of 3D but I’d expect not as the 3DTV install market will still be quite small at the time of the movies Blu-ray release. Install base is one of the things that has held back the Blu-Ray release for so long. LucasFilm got burned in the past by releasing the films too early in the life cycle of VHS and DVD, later releases preformed very well but the choice was made that it would be better to wait for HDTV and a HD disk format could stand on it’s own feet.

Buy the time the Star Wars Saga hits the shelves (once again) it is projected that there will be nearly 100 million Blu-ray devices in homes world wide.

Source NYT

  • Oh man I have been waiting for this news for a long time, shame we have to wait another year for them to be released. Any news on whether the original versions of the old trilogy will be on the discs?

  • Sinlock

    No. When the master reels were converted to digital for the restoration only the Special Edition was done. Each film cell was redone frame by frame for cleaning, color timing, and sharpening. This took around 2 years to finish episodes IV, V, and VI. Due to footage featured only in the Classic cut not being transferred and restored it would stand out in any HD attempt. So Lucas Film has said the classic cut will not be featured in the Blu-ray box set.

  • Jonaskin

    That’s a shame the classic versions won’t be on the discs but I can understand why. I’ll still buy them, and aside from LOTR they’ll be the only time I’ve upgraded a film from DVD to Blu Ray, all my other Blu Rays I haven’t owned on DVD previously.

  • Shame but fair enough I guess. Will defo still buy them.

  • You know that in the next 2 years they are being released in 3D.. then 2 years later you have the Star Wars Special Edition 3D Extended Cut With New Lost Scenes Containing Newly Recorded Sound and Featuring Exclusive Never Before Seen Blue Alien Species From Avatar On 18 Disc BluRay…

  • I’m right with you Jonaskin.
    There think there like only 2 or 3 movies that I have replaced with Blu-ray. As I always buy the DVD with the most features.

    On a matter of fact there are many films I land up buying DVD because the extra 5-10 bucks for the HD verison isn’t justified.

  • HD for $5 is well worth it if it’s a good sci-fi, special efects movie..

    I have only replaced some tho.. X-men series cause it was on sale, Matrix.. and um.. maybe thats it.. I will be buying the Alien Series tho!!