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Mass Effect 2 Hitting the PS3 |

WOW, Bioware just announced that Mass Effect 2 will be hitting the PS3. This is great news for people that have always wanted to try this game but couldn’t since it was only on the Xbox and the PC. The game is slated for an early release in 2011, and it’s currently priced at $39.99. Not bad that we had to wait a little but get a game for a little less.

Source [Mass Effect 2 Website]

  • Derrickgott007

    Awesome sauce!

  • Sinlock

    I am like Derrick I love a good sauce too. Lately it’s mostly been Alfrado…… Nice and cheesy. 😛

  • The video displays in game graphics that is 60 fps at times, I wonder why they chose to do it that way, since it will be probably locked at 30fps on ps3.

    Awesome news, btw!

  • Only $39.99? Nice.

  • I can spend the money i saved not buy an Xbox Live Gold account to pick up the game.
    Oh Microsoft will you ever stop looking at your customers as wallets to be plucked.

  • Why would we want the second game without the first? Awesome game but I would like to be able to play the first game before I play the second. I guess sometimes you gotta take what you can get.

  • Really I don’t know why PS3 gamers should even bother to support it. They are only releasing the second game on the PS3 because the PS3 has a much larger install base now than it did when the first Mass Effect came out. People will support it anyway though because people have no idea what it is to be loyal these days.

  • Smegmazor

    Finally! I’m really excited about this one. I’ve been wanting to play this for a long time. It sucks that the first one is not going to grace the PS3, but ‘F’ it. Maybe we can look forward to the 3rd installment hitting PS3 as well?

  • @UbeRamza don’t take it so personal. It’s great that they have changed their minds. This is all great for the PS3. Companies are starting to see that the PS3 isn’t a piece of crap. Seems like more and more developers are jumping on board.

  • Jay

    UbeRamza: People will support it anyway though because people have no idea what it is to be loyal these days.

    The gamers are the ones who are being the loyal ones, as they have not gone out to get a 360 to buy the game, right? Sticking with one console, despite not having the title available to it, shows a bit of loyalty, don’t you think? After all, it’s that kind of loyalty that helps these companies expand to get their games into more hands, which gets them more money to make bigger and better games (hopefully).

  • Jonaskin

    This is one of the games (along with the original ME and Gears 2) that made me regret not keeping my 360 as I never got to try them. Disappointing the first isn’t coming too but wow, great news!