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Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, Hitting the PS3 |

Chad Dezern the Studio Director of Insomniac Games dropped by the Official PS3 Blog today to announce their new project that they have been brewing in their secret shack called “Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One since January 2009. Don’t know about any of you but maybe we should throw them into this secret shack they speak of more often. Not that their previous games weren’t any good but who doesn’t love new games right? Go ahead and check out the new trailer, we know you want to.

Have you noticed from the trailer how there are four players running around? That’s because Insomniac Games is releasing their first ever one-to-four player cooperative, online/offline, drop-in/drop-out Ratchet & Clank title. Talk about having the creative juices flowing in this secret shack… not sure about any of you but I could sure use a shack like that.

We knew from our earliest meetings that we wanted to give players a chance to play in the Ratchet Universe with Ratchet and Clank at the same time. And after we started, we felt an almost moral obligation to include Captain Qwark and Dr. Nefarious; there was just too much comedy potential in bringing this group together for us to pass up the opportunity. Their bumbling idiocy, prickly antagonism, and unfettered evil was a perfect reflection of how we play All 4 One here in the office.

Don’t know about any of you but it seems like the group is just trying to give their fans what they want. For those of you who couldn’t make the trip to gamescom 2010 to see them, have no fear, they are going to be making an appearance at at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle on September 4.

  • I don’t get it — is this the HD update of the old R&C titles, or is this a new game entirely? But hey, I’m all for co-op R&C — seems like a title that’s just begging for such a treatment. As is Mini Ninjas, for that matter. Family-oriented games should be multiplayer.

  • Nah, this is a brand new title. Get ready to get the whole family involved.

  • WOW!! Tons of goodies today.. this looks like something I might have to pick up for the family

  • Jonaskin

    This sounds very very cool.

  • François

    This game will be awesome. Funny I just received A Crack in Time today (25$ from

  • EdEN

    Need to know if you can do this single player or if it’s like MAG and it’s an online only affair.

  • Jonaskin

    Yeah I wish we’d been given more info about the Insomniac titles coming rather than just reveals but oh well, still glad they’re on the way. Plus their new multiplat game! They must have been pretty busy!