Japan to Get a Titanium Blue PS3 Bundle for Gran Turismo 5


Japan is already enjoying the ceramic white variation of the slimmed-down PS3, and pretty soon, they’ll be getting a new color to choose from. As part of its hardware bundle, Gran Turismo 5 will be accompanied by a sleek titanium blue PS3.

The shiny blue PS3 will be packing a 160GB HDD, plus a matching controller. Another interesting bit is that the Gran Turismo 5 Racing Pack will also include a first-print copy of the game, which comes with an art book and downloadable “Stealth Models” of the Mercedes Benx SLS AMG, the McLaren F1, Honda NSX GT 500, Audi R10 TDI, and the Nissan GT-R GT500.

The bundle will cost ¥35,980 (US$ 420) and will be available in Japan on November 3rd. The first-print copies of the game will be sold at regular PS3 game price, but after stocks run out, regular versions will be sold at the same price, minus the extra stuff.

[via Siliconera]

Written by: Ace - News Contributor

  1. #1 by lordincubus on August 18th, 2010 [ 185 Points ]

    I want I want I want…Now Now Now

  2. #2 by Jay on August 18th, 2010 [ 83116 Points ]

    we should have PS3 Race Days/Nights when this comes out, with a different race theme every event (muscle cars one night, super cars the next, long tracks, endurance race, shorties, tuned or stock, etc). I’ll run it if there’s interest

  3. #3 by Ace on August 18th, 2010 [ 23465 Points ]

    heck yea, That sounds insanely fun.

  4. #4 by Oly1Kenobi on August 18th, 2010 [ 132605 Points ]

    I’ll stick with black!

  5. #5 by SicSemperTyranis on August 18th, 2010 [ 6405 Points ]

    I do like my black PS3 but I don’t understand why they don’t release consoles in more than one color. Why do PSP’s come in different colors but not PS3’s?

  6. #6 by LOKO117 on August 18th, 2010 [ 2940 Points ]

    @Jay Your idea is a must-do. That sounds awesome. Who else is pre-ordering GT5?

    About the Blue console. That’s cool for the Japanese. I’m kind of used to Japan getting awesome things from Sony that we in the US will, more than likely, never see.

  7. #7 by SL33PY on August 19th, 2010 [ 2371 Points ]

    don’t limit that to the US, the EU is still waiting for that pearl white console dag nabbit!

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