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Subway Giving SONY More Love! |

For those of you who love free stuff might want to start following Subway… talking about the Fast Food joint here. Now you might have heard that Subway and Sony are going to be running a little promo where you can win a ton of great prizes. Well it doesn’t seem like they are just stopping there. Earlier they tweeted the following:

We’ll tweet Fire Drill links this Thu & Fri (11AM-3PM ET). Be 1 of 1st 75 to click & you win. Prizes = LittleBigPlanet 2 & $20 SUBWAY® cards

Don’t know about any of you but they have me sold! In fact, I am there so often that they guys start making my sandwich before I even say anything. You can follow Subway on Twitter under: @subwayfreshbuzz

  • what is their twitter account? Link>?

  • Jay
  • I didn’t want to give it out because this way I thought it would improve my chances of winning!

  • Jay


  • jerk!

  • supposedly this will go for 4 week!!
    “BIG NEWS: Join the Fiery Footlong Frenzy on Twitter! We’re giving away @PlayStation 3 games & SUBWAY® cards RIGHT HERE for the next 4 wks! “

  • List your favourite sub!

    12 inch grilled chicken, mayo, italien bread, all dressed no olives. Pepsi and Sun Chips.

  • Ace
  • Yatta! I won LittleBigPlanet 2!

  • Jonaskin

    Is this for US Residents only?

  • I won as well. Love me some FREE games. Not sure Jonaskin, I am trying to find out but something tells me that it is locked to the USA.