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PS3 Tops 38 Million Worldwide | is reporting that Sony has announced the PlayStation 3 has topped 38 million consoles worldwide (and the PlayStation Network connection rate is 70%). This puts the console within 4 million units of its most immediate competition. Other notes include that software sales are up 38% over last year, and the average Metacritic score for the PS3 is 80, compared to the 360’s 77.

  • That’s why I have a PS3, great exclusives that score – and rightly so – very high. All other games are mostly available on PC. The rest that is only available on XBox does not appeal to me or if it does appeal to me it doesn’t rectify a buy.

  • Not sure how well that is going to happen if Xbox keeps posting those killer slim sales.

  • That’s why I’ve stuck with PlayStation since day 1 on the PS1. I remember selling my Sega Genesis and tons of my games, which I regret 🙁 Wish I just saved up the money instead.

    The games I want are on PlayStation. There are some games that look fun on other platforms, but not enough to warrant a console purchase.

  • “average Metacritic score for the PS3 is 80, compared to the 360’s 77”

    can you explain that statistic a bit more? is that comparing all games released for each platform, or each platform’s respective exclusives? or is it the metacritic score for the platforms proper (and what would that mean)?

  • Jay

    usually refers to all software available as rated on Metacritic. And yeah, I know the 360 has more titles, but PS3 has, on average, more quality titles, and that’s what this really concludes

  • EdEN

    For me every PS hardware purchases comes 2-3 years after my launch NIntendo purchase. That way the system has a great library I can get at a discount, the price of the hardware is not as crazy (looking at you $600 PS3) and developers have come to terms with the hardware itself. Happened on PSX, PS2 and PS3. Love Nintendo’s first party offerings and those alone make getting the hardware worth it.

    Finally, does this mean that the PS3 is 4-6 million away from the 360 worldwide right now?

  • Jay

    its been 4-6 since around February or so, but now its within 4-4.5 million supposedly.