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Missed the Mafia II 1 Hour Gameplay Special? We Got You Covered! |

I know there has been a lot of hate about the PS3 version of Mafia II, but for those of you still interested in the game, check out this 1 hour gameplay special they had earlier today:

  • I have no hate towards the PS3 version of Mafia 2. I just noticed that other versions of the game had more graphic features. In general it also looks better on other platforms. I have then decided that for the same amount of money I’d rather have the nicer looking version. Which I bought for PC through steam. I’m sure that in the end all content that is extra on the PS3 will be made available on other platforms as well.

  • Jay

    apparently, the issues they talked about before are fixed according to some PS3 screens released a week or so ago, but I guess we’ll see.





  • The difference is negligable imo, but i still dont think i’ll be getting this one

  • Not sure what it was about the demo but it just didn’t grab me. Remember playing the first one on the PC and it was fun but don’t think I will be getting this one for either system.

  • I’m getting it day one. I’m attracted to crime games and gangster movies and stuff so this seems like a good fit for me. I’m also impressed with the car selection and how you can upgrade your engine etc.

    A lot of people will compare it to GTA and Mafia II seems to have brought the customization that GTA IV was lacking. Just in the demo I saw a vast array of outfits for sale in shops. Also the car customization seems pretty deep and it was non existent in GTA IV.

  • Mafia2PS3

    WTF???? IT’S NOT THE PS3 VERSION!!!!! IT’S THE 360 ONE!!!!! F*CK!!!!!

  • It’s still the same game, just played on an Xbox