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Sony has More PS3 Exclusives to Announce |

psnOver the last few months, Sony’s first-party developers have been making announcement after announcement of major games that would make any PS3 owner want to fast-forward into the future. Some of these titles include Resistance 3, Killzone 3, LBP 2, inFamous 2, R&C: All 4 One, GT5, and even the return of Twisted Metal. That’s a dream team of games right there, but according SCEE president and CEO Andrew House, there’s even more to come.

Speaking at Sony’s presscon at GamesCom, House teased that this year will be a great one for the PlayStation brand as they’ve got more aces up their sleeve. “we’ve heard from Resistance 3 and Ratchet and Clank All 4 One, along side games such as infamous 2, Sorcery, GT5, Killzone 3, and a few more we’ve yet to share…” he said. “This is going to be a stellar year for PlayStation”

Sony has had a great year so far with the release of titles such as Heavy Rain and God of War III. With the rain of big sequels already announced, it’s kinda hard to think of more to add to that list. Who cares? That’s very welcome news.

[via PlayStation Lifestyle]

  • Jonaskin

    Bring on Uncharted 3 and hopefully new Jak and Daxter. 🙂

    One old game that I’d love to see get a remake or sequel is Primal from the PS2.

  • Darrin

    Sony *always* has unannounced projects in the works.

    Almost all of the recent announcements (Infamous 2, Killzone 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Resistance 3, Ratchet All 4 One) are 2011+ releases. I’m assuming they’ve announced all their titles scheduled for 2010 already.

  • I think it’s the Warhawk sequel.
    I would love a new Jak game since the last one for the PSP/PS2 was just meh.

  • Jay

    except for maybe downloadable ones.

    I’m still waiting for EA to bring back the Mutant League Sports games 😛

  • EdEN

    Well, EVERYONE always has unannounced projects in developtment, so nothing new there. Have a lot of games to finish in my backlog and look forward to the 1st party Nitendo Wii releases, several 3rd party releases for Wii and DS and several PS3 games. Time and money is what’s keeping me from increasing my collection in the next couple of weeks.

  • hobbes

    @Jay Mutant League sports would be awesome. I always loved hockey/football with my friends. What a great game that was.

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 would be awesome ! *sigh*