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The Weekly Recap (August 15th-21st) |

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*Phew* Alright, finally caught up on the Recaps! The biggest thing last week was, of course, gamescom, and there was a bit that came out of that. Sony’s console is picking up one of the 360’s biggest exclusives in Mass Effect 2. 160GB consoles are coming to replace the 120GB it looks like, Portal 2 has an announced release date, GT5 showed up, with more content (and won best of show and best console game), and Kung-Fu Live was there, too, and will have a supposed $15 price tag (really cheap for what looks like a pretty fun Eye-only title).

2K Games has gotten a lot of backlash when it was found that the PS3 version of Mafia II was lacking in details the 360 and PC versions had (but there are supposedly some PS3 screens that do have the ‘missing’ details), and, with my trip to LA, I wrote an impressions and hands-on post for SmackDown vs Raw 2011. As for all the trailers and videos, we’ve got some for Dragon Age 2, Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, InFamous 2, a teaser for Resistance 3, and more.

Oh, and Subway is running some promotions for their fiery footlongs with Sony, and they’re running contests on Twitter for it as well (in which both Luke and Tosh had won copies of LBP2, those lucky sons of…)

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There are a couple small, new things this week. Firstly, your points now show up at the top of the page, making it easier for you to check your balance.

Secondly, forum posts now show up in the activity feed. You can filter the feed by forum posts as well. Other things include the ability to mark forum posts as favorite, and, for writers, there’s a ‘Post News’ link at the top as well.

Alright, to begin, Oly announced the winners to the Mafia II T-Shirt Giveaway. Congratulations to Adam T and UbeRamza for winning that!

We’re also running a big giveaway on our FaceBook page for the Move. After we get 1000 fans on there, we will be running the contest on the site as well, so you must be a registered member on here (the site itself) to win.

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PES 2011 Beta Keys Due Out Today
Madagasca – August 16th

Joe Danger Demo Riding onto the PSN Tomorrow
Luke – August 16th

Swedish retailer lists GTA V for pre-order
Ace – August 16th

gamescom 2010 Live Blog
Luke – August 17th

‘Just Announced’ 160GB PS3 Slim spotted on GameStop
Ace – August 17th

Rockstar Dropping the Ban Hammer Next Week!
Luke – August 17th

Portal 2 Release Date Announced
Luke – August 18th

MAG Adds Move Support, New Beta Coming Next Week
Ace – August 19th

More GT5 Information from Gamescom
Jay – August 19th

PS JailBreak is Finally Here, Hacks Your PS3 via USB Dongle
Ace – August 20th

Kung-Fu: LIVE Details from Gamescom 2010
Tosh – August 20th

Sony Takes the Crown at Gamescom
Sakinah – August 20th

KZ3 Multiplayer Questions
Blackstaffer -August 20th

Zombies is making its way to Black Ops in fashion
Ace – August 15th

Heavy Rain Success Surprises David Cage
Sakinah – August 16th

2K Admits PS3 Version of Mafia II Inferior to High End PC Version
Ace – August 17th

SCEA Releases PlayStation Move ‘Launch Brochure’
Sakinah – August 15th

Japan to Get a Titanium Blue PS3 Bundle for Gran Turismo 5
Ace – August 18th

Next Gen PSP to Have Touch-Sensitive Controls
Jay – August 20th

Mass Effect 2 Hitting the PS3
Luke – August 17th

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, Hitting the PS3
Luke – August 17th

SmackDown vs Raw 2011 – Hands-On and Impressions!
Jay – August 18th

F1 2010 Gameplay Video & Release Date
Trev – August 16th

Dead Nation: Zombie Survival Guide Trailer
Luke – August 16th

FIFA 11 Debut Trailer
Trev – August 17th

Dragon Age II Trailer and Concept Art
premiersoupir – August 17th

New Mutliplayer Killzone 3 Footage
Luke – August 17th

inFAMOUS 2 gamescom Trailer
Luke – August 17th

gamescom LittleBigPlanet 2 Trailer
Luke – August 17th

gamescom Resistance 3 Teaser
Luke – August 17th

gamescom: DC Universe Online Trailer
Luke – August 18th

LittleBigPlanet 2 Sequencer Shown at Gamescom
Jay – August 20th

Subway Giving SONY More Love!
Luke – August 18th

Call of Duty 4D!
Ace – August 15th

Movie News: Star Wars coming to Blu-Ray
Sinlock – August 15th


Get a Free Game With Your NFS: Hot Pursuit Preorder
Sakinah – August 15th

Scott Pilgrim animated GIFs
premiersoupir – August 16th

Sony + Subway promotion
premiersoupir – August 16th

Kung-Fu Live to be Just $15?
Jay – August 18th

PS3 Tops 38 Million Worldwide
Jay – August 19th

Castle Crashers on PSN: Release Date
LOKO117 – August 19th

Live Mafia II Play Session
Tosh – August 20th

Missed the Mafia II 1 Hour Gameplay Special? We Got You Covered!
Luke – August 20th

SONY’s Booth at gamescom
Luke – August 21st

John Koller PS3 Move Interview
Luke – August 21st

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Nothing is really planned as of immediately, but I do plan on running race nights when Gran Turismo 5 comes out, so if you’re interested, let us know! As well as ideas for other games, too.

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Thanks for reading! I’m finally caught up again! As you can see, I’m trying to get on the ball and get my stuff done :P. Hopefully I can get the Weeklies I started running again (store updates and new releases).

  • kennygk

    Haha i knew Mass Effect 2 was coming out for the PS3. I live in edmonton where bioware is based and i talked to someone who was working on the game and they told me they were bound by a confidentiality agreement when i asked if mass effect 2 was going to come to the PS3.

  • kennygk

    And im definitely interested in the GT5 race nights

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