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Infamous 2 Gameplay |

From Gamescom 2010. It looks amazing I have to say. Also I like how the new (old) Cole model is already in the game. Infamous 2 is currently scheduled for release in Spring 2011 exclusively to the PS3. Enjoy

  • I’m surprised they let people record this..
    Pretty cool tho!

  • lordincubus

    Great to see the old Coal back. Not some pretty boy D-bag. I loved this game and its ability to make you feel extremely powerful. Let’s hope they can do this again and capture us with a great story. And no more goofy hip-hop inspired enemies, with no faces (like what?)

  • Wow.. The flashing of the electric bombs are overdone tho. Every two seconds, entire screen flashes, very tiring on the eyes..

  • sweet!.. makes me want to go back to try to platinum the first game!

  • Eddie

    amazing game is amazing!

  • It looks so much better than the first, it looks kick ass hott! The video would have been alot better if they turned the volume down or if the guy would have shut the hell up!!

  • Watcher

    Amazing. Everything about the game looks better. I loved Infamous and it looks like I’m going to really enjoy the sequel.
    One thing is that there is so much carnage going on and innocents must be getting killed left and right. Is karma still part of the gameplay? and is there a power meter similar to what was in Infamous that controlled how many special moves Cole is able to use before requiring a recharge?

    In any case….

    $ Day 1.