Attention all Co-writers and Future Co-writers

In addition to the “Post News” link at the top for co-writers, there is a drop down for the “Co-Writers Group” as well. An exclusive group for those that write news for

I put that link there so it’s easier to check the group off and on. I also want all the co-writers to join this group so we can all communicate in one place. When there are opportunities to review games/products. I will post it in that group, so check it often! Plus there are tips/guidelines on posting in the group forum as well.

To those future co-writers out there, come and post news for! It’s easy trust me, if you want to start out by posting QuickNews that perfectly fine. That how many co-writers started out. Come join us! 🙂

Written by: T0SH - Cofounder of

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