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PlayStation Move A Peripheral Killer? |

I’ve just read a really good article over at PlayStation Lifestyle about the PS Move Killing Peripherals One At A Time.

To reiterate what the article discussed, there were days when game titles, such as Time Crisis, used the infamous GunCon, and of course GunCon 2. Even those peripherals brought many a gamer pleasure whilst shooting the bad guys. There was one problem with it. It was only compatible with one title!

With Time Crisis: Razing Storm making an appearance at GamesCom 2010, Producer Norihiro Nishimura told that there were plans for a new GunCon – a wireless one. However, it wasn’t made due to the fact Move was released.

So, you can probably see where I’m going with this, and looking at the article written by PlayStation Lifestyle, are we in agreement that PlayStation Move is a peripheral killer?

I, personally, would be in agreement – just a little bit. This probably is just the start, as most games will, in the future, have some aspect of Move incorporated into it; it will look to replace ‘some’ accessories/peripherals, but not all. If PS Move did kill all peripherals, this would mean the PS3 would be a casual gamer console and the hardcore gamers would be moved to one side. Not the kind of thing SONY would have had in mind.

For those that have a Guncon 3, you can actually use it with Time Crisis: Razing Storm! However, I’ll leave you with two questions that’s sort of related to this article – the PlayStation Move Navigation controller, or a Sixaxis/Dualshock 3 controller – which would you use? Is PS Move a peripheral killer in your eyes?

[Via PlayStation Lifestyle]

  • Glad to hear you can use the Guncon 3 with Time Crisis: Razing Storm. Because I still have one! 🙂 Btw, I made that image for Madagasca’s post 😛

  • EdEN

    Well, since Move isn’t standard with every console purchase, like the Wiimote and the Wii, and now WM with the new bundle, peripherals still have a place in the market. Move would need to sell over 3 million units for developers to start pulling the “we wanted to make a gun, but Move is out there” card.

  • I think Move can easily replace the GunCon providing the lag in those games is minimal. You tend to have to move the ‘gun’ pretty quick in those games, and so it’s vital that there’s no lag, waiting for the ‘pointer’ to catch up.

    But yes, I can see the Move replacing pretty much everything except the standard DualShock3/SIXAXIS controller and steering wheels.

  • Tosh – I have to admit, that is one ace image!!


  • Darrin

    Come on, the Guncon 3 was a flop and the whole third party light gun field has been dead for years and was not going to catch on regardless of Move.

    The Move does everything the Guncon 3 did, did it better (precision, better hardware, better nav controller), and does more (full position tracking and full camera functions). Even a wireless guncon wouldn’t have changed this.

  • Never even heard of the Guncon until now…

  • Nice Tosh, you are the greatest.