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Skinning Your PS3 – Have You Tried It? |

Modding your PS3 is one thing, by either adding a huge hard drive to it, adding a water cooling system to your machine or turning it into a grill, modding is for one that has the knowledge and know-how to make their PS3 look and act differently.

Skinning, however, is somewhat a little different. There’s no need to go into detail on what skinning is about, but more so to see if many have plucked the courage to go ‘skinning’ dipping. I’m currently on my 2nd PS3 (my launch model’s Blu-ray drive decided to resign). I skinned both of my PS3 consoles. I LOVED my launch model’s skin, however, I only have a photo of my current skin on my replacement machine. Here’s the snap I took a few months ago:

So, have you plucked the courage to go ‘skinning’ dipping? Have you got any photos of your PS3 with a skin? Why not share them with us? Have you created a custom skin for your PS3 or bought one from stock? Please share your photos with us – it’ll be great to see the different skins on show!

P.s. I bought my skins from Decalgirl – in case you were wondering. Which sites do you use?

  • Smegmazor

    I once skinned my old Mac Mini that I handed down to my girlfriend when I purchased a new one. I haven’t thought about skinning my new slim PS3 that I purchased to replace my bricked launch PS3. But reading this article just rekindled some interest and I think I might try this out on the new system.

    Some of the space themes on decalgirl are out of this world…literally.

  • There are definately some very nice looking skins.. I’m going to have to get one very soon…

  • Justin
  • Justin, that is one sweet carbon skin.


    I’m gonna have to buy another one!!!! lol