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How To Be A Goalkeeper In FIFA 11 |

Who’d be a goal keeper, ey? Constantly having balls kicked at them, always diving at feet which are wearing studs and make one mistake and you lose the match. Well EA Sports are giving you the chance to be one in the upcoming FIFA 11 so now you can pull off those stunning saves like Paul Robinson or just make a mistake like erm… Paul Robinson. The position indicator looks to be a Godsend showing you where to stand and should stop keepers all being in the wrong place. could imagine it getting boring when you’re playing against a weaker team though. Having a human brain behind the keeper should mean no more silly mistakes or it could increase them, not sure which way it will pan out but I’m looking forward to finding out.

  • Luke

    Looks pretty awesome

  • Mark

    Apart from in penalties I don’t see much point in this

  • Allan

    Looks pretty awesome this goal keeper thing
    I have a question about this FIFA 11 will have online pass?
    I Hope NOT…if has i ll buy PES 4 the first time
    I hope my team Santos F.C. is the best in the Brazilian League, 4 what? Neymar and Ganso, the main player of the Brazilian national team Current play in Santos FC

  • Looks like fun. But could be a little boring for 8mins.