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Poll: Do you buy Collector’s Editions for games? |

This poll is asking you whether or not your purchase special/collectors/limited editions of games, and why or why not. The poll is created by EdEN, and he’ll soon be getting his 200 points. As always, you can submit your own poll ideas here. And I apologize for letting EdEN have two polls in a row :P.

The previous poll asked you whether or not you have subscribed to PlayStation Plus. Here were the results:

  • Allan

    Im purchase a collectors edition of LBP2 and GT5 for sure, but in my country a collector’s edition costs 8 times more than in the USA. its hard pay 4 this

  • EdEN

    Usually go for Collector’s Edition for games. Just Pre-ordered the one for Castlevania: Lord of Shadows and own the one for Fallout 3, Bioshock 2, Arkham Assylum, Metroid Primer Trilogy and Final Fantasy XII, just to name a few.

  • Jack

    I own Demon’s Souls’ Deluxe edition and Guild Wars Nightfall CE. I count on getting more in the future. If there’ll be an inFamous 2 CE, I’ll make sure I get it.

  • yodaddy

    depends on what crap that it comes w/.. gta 4, gow 3, black ops (when it comes out) maybe GT 5. Each one has some other kinda stupid toy that it came w/… I’m a sucker for the dumbest stuff !

  • i often get them if it comes with something good, like i have LBP2 collectors edition on preorder along with Black ops Harden edition

  • hobbes

    i generally will only purchase the CE’s if i think it’ll go up in value, such as Demon soul’s. The CE for that just seemed like it was gonna go up in value. Most of the time, CE’s don’t add enough value.

  • no 🙂

  • I buy collector editions for my favorite series and most anticipated titles. If I’m not that excited for a game then I won’t bother. I get the collector edition for every Final Fantasy. I’m also picking up the collector edition of LBP 2 cause I gots to have one of those Plush Sackboys, there so cute!!!