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Prepare in Advance for the Facebook/ Move Giveaway! |

As I mentioned in the original post we need at least 1,000 members, preferably more!
As of this writing we are at 615 fans.

Since the Move contest is a cross-promotional giveaway, we need Facebook fans who want to enter to leave their Usernames on this Facebook discussion for us to track. The contest will only be open to Facebook fans who are also registered on the site (and people registered on the site who are also on Facebook).

If you’re not on Facebook, it’s easy enough to create an account really quick. Only info you need to sign up is Name, Email, if you’re Male or Female and your birthday. You can hide your birthday from displaying on your profile on Facebook if you wish.

Another way to prepare for the giveaway is to earn points on! There are many ways to earn points, here is a full list on how to earn points. I’d recommend you have at least 250 – 1000 points. Because you’ll need those points for the giveaway 😉

More details on what the exact prizes are later this month, but I promise you it’s worth the wait.

I’m also closing comments on this post so people don’t leave comments here with their username, which should be done here.