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Move Tech Demo Video Tour |

This video shows Anton Mikhailov, one of Sony’s R&D guys, doing some Move tech demo demonstrations, both sitting down and standing up. We’ve seen most of these tech demos before, but this actually does a better job of showing them off, since it’s a direct feed basically. Cool stuff. Hopefully developers implement some of the ideas these guys have.

  • I would love to just have these tech demos available on the PSN! I’ve never seen the clay or face tech demos before. Can’t wait to see what developers come up with in a year or so.

  • One thing they never showed was navigation on ground when you have two controllers in hand. If they can’t come up with an intuitive solution, all such games would have us in a fixed spot, or have auto motion (like on-rails), which I would not like at all. I have some ideas for such cases but I need to get my hands on before I can verify my thoughts.

  • @Emrah- I don’t think that’s possible, but that’s what the navigation controller is for, but two move controllers with navigation? no

    On-topic: I can’t wait to play games like killzone and socom, but i’m mostly interested in ecochrome ii.

  • sufy

    That looks awesome! I don’t care if Sony copied the Wii cause this motion controller is better than the Wii’s.

  • @White, that’s said, because all of the dual-wielding games would be fixed position or on rails, lessening the value of the game for me. I do have an idea tho, pointing the second move and pressing move button could “move” your player in that direction, at least for basic navigation (no fancy footwork, but that too could be gesture or button based)

  • Jay

    how many games dual wield, though?

  • that’s sad.. not said 😀

  • @Jay: Not many, but more would, if they could come up with a nice movement scheme. Plus, many cool tech demos use dual wielding in their examples. (e.g. puppet, hadoken)

  • if that video didn’t sell Move to those who haven’t yet decided to buy then they seriously are missing out on something MASSIVE!

    Glad I got my preorder in – just trying to decide whether to get 1 move controller and 1 sub controller or to get 2 move controllers.

    Can only do one or the other! Bah!

  • Jay