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inFamous 2 to Feature Move Support? |

It looks like inFamous 2 will be among Sony’s Move-supported offerings, if the motion controller’s own official website is to be believed. Halfway down the site is this image:

Developer Sucker Punch has yet to fully confirm move support for Cole’s next adventure, although since the game isn’t scheduled to come out until next year there’s plenty of time left to do that.

Via [Destructoid]

  • Not excited by this at all.

  • I agree with Sakinah.
    However, it seems that Sony plans to have as many games as possible support Move which seems like a good idea to me.

  • Luke

    Yeah it might not be for everyone but at least if it’s available it’s an option

  • I hope there will be some kick ass gestures! 😀

  • Yeah, it might function like Sorcery as demoed at E3. That could be cool, as long as the movement mechanic is still precise and fluid (as much of the fun of the game lies in electric gliding, grinding on wires, climbing buildings, etc.).

  • I think this is a great idea. Unlike a FPS where you have to aim down the sights to hit an opponent, they could implement an auto-aim like feature. In inFamous, you didn’t have to have perfect aim anyways, most skills were broad strokes, only a few used pin-point accuracy (which playing with the iron sights in the MAG beta would work perfect for InFamous’s pin-point skill). I can see an inFamous type game being a much better fit than MAG or Killzone 3 or another FPS for the Move controller.

    Since you have to move around an open world, you would need a controller interface (Nav controller or Dual Shock 3) to walk/run around. But looking at some of the Move tech demos, imagine holding down a trigger to charge up your attack and then you “throw” the attack off to an angle to the left to take out a group of enemies. Or as you jump off a building, you hold the Move controller down at your side for the floating power.

    Oh wow, light bulb! Imagine the Move with a Castlevania type “Whip” game? That would own.

  • This is good news..

  • I’m pretty excited, I do wonder if itll have true 1:1, because Cole would do some creepy stuff if its 1:1