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The Weekly Recap (August 22nd-28th) |

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I’m finally integrating back into the society here. On time, and ready to go this week! This week’s highlights include the release of MotorStorm 3D rift and the Joe Danger ‘People’s Patch’. Sony is already trying to find ways to stop the JailBreak from spreading. Sakinah left her commentary for her picks of the best of Gamescom, and Eddie dominated this week with his gripping retelling of his experience talking with the Sony reps. Guerilla Games let out some more info on multiplayer. Sony (at least in Europe) will depend more on word-of-mouth to garner sales of the Move, while also mentioning that we should expect an optical drive in the PS4.

PlayStation protection plan is available through purchase in the store, and PS+ subscribers get a discount. Rockstar finally announced the release date of the next RDR DLC, and Gran Turismo 5 has a 10GB optional install (!!). We have three reviews, Madden NFL 11, Shank, and Mafia II for everyone to check out as well. Be sure to check out all the videos we have available as well, including 14 minutes of SOCOM 4 and InFamous 2 gameplay featuring the old Cole.

[tab:Community News]

Nothing new in the Community, feature-wise anyway. We did ramp up our Social Networking side of things at least, with Tosh and I running the facebook page, and Luke running the Twitter feed. I did a bit of work on the facebook page, preparing for that Move giveaway and such. Remember, you have to both be a member here and a fan on the page in order to qualify for the giveaway.

Co-writers can now access the private Co-Writers Group as a drop down under the ‘Post News’ link at the top (which is only visible to people with the permissions). It’s always got important information and stuff, and the feature was added because of it, to make access much quicker.

Tosh managed to get a beta key for Dead Nation, with an overwhelming response from the Community (47 comments total). Nash managed to win, but Bizarro Nash tried to steal the code from him. Henceforth, Bizarro Nash has been permanently banned, so keep that in mind if any of you tries to post as another member 😛

We also have the facebook Move giveaway running. Be sure to join the page here if you haven’t already. If you’re not a member, and the Move Giveaway tab doesn’t come up right away, be sure to read through that so you know what you will have to do to be eligible for the contest. Currently, there are only a little over 40 eligible people (and a lot of them still need to get active on the site to build up the points). You can also read some more information here.

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[tab:Gaming News]

Sony has More PS3 Exclusives to Announce
Ace – August 22nd

Shank Soundtrack Available for Free Now!
Tosh – August 23rd

MotorStorm 3D Rift Hits PSN Tomorrow
Ace – August 23rd

PSN Maintenance Scheduled For Monday, August 30th
Sakinah – August 25th

Sony Blocks Distribution of PS3 Modchips
Ace – August 28th

GC 2010: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Sakinah – August 23rd

Risks of Activating Your PSN Account on Others PS3’s
Eddie – August 24th

Skinning Your PS3 – Have You Tried It?
Madagasca – August 25th

PlayStation Move A Peripheral Killer?
Madagasca – August 25th

Guerilla Games Talks Killzone 3 Multiplayer
Ace – August 25th

Sony Expecting Word-of-Mouth for Move’s Success
Jay – August 26th

A SNES Shaped PlayStation Controller? And Explanation of the PlayStation Shapes
Madagasca – August 26th

Sony: Expect PS4 to Still Have Optical Drive
Ace – August 27th

Sony can detect PSJailbreak and it’s Bannable on PSN
Tosh – August 23rd

Another Benefit of PlayStation Plus: Discounted PlayStation Protection Plan
Tosh – August 24th

“People’s Patch” Released for Joe Danger
Jay – August 26th

Red Dead Redemption: Liars and Cheats Pack
LOKO117 – August 27th

DeathSpank sequel announced! Titled DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue
Ceidz – August 25th

Flight Control HD Coming to PS3/Move
Jay – August 26th

Gran Turismo 5 Has Optional Install
Sakinah – August 28th

Official Review: Madden NFL 11
Jay – August 24th

Mafia II PS3 Review
MAINEiac4434 – August 24th

Official Review: Shank
Ace – August 26th

Infamous 2 Gameplay
LOKO117 – August 23rd

How To Be A Goalkeeper In FIFA 11
Trev – August 26th

14 Minutes of SOCOM 4
Jay – August 26th

Move Tech Demo Video Tour
Jay – August 27th

Video of MAG Beta with PlayStation Move Controller Shows Calibration Set-up [Update]
Tosh – August 27th

Some Cool Game-Based Movie Trailers
Jay – August 22nd


Sega Working on Vakyria Chronicles 3
Eddie – August 24th

Square-Enix Looking at Parasite Eve 1&2 PSN Release
Eddie – August 24th

R.U.S.E Demo 1 Week Exclusive for PlayStation Plus Members
Eddie – August 25th

Random Deals: Go to The Movies For 4 Bucks!
Ace – August 25th

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We’re in the process of discussing game nights with folks on our Facebook page, but we can really discuss that anywhere, so if you have an idea, shoot it off in the forums.

[tab:Poll Results]

Since I have the ability to create polls now, I might be dropping this tab from the recap in order to do separate Poll posts every other week, using the Google gadget. Anyway, the bi-weekly question this time asks if you buy Collector’s Editions for games, so be sure to vote if you haven’t already. You get 5 points for doing so!

[tab:Thank You]

Thanks for reading! At least I got it up in time this week :P. That’s 2 in a row so far! Sorry I missed the other Weeklies again. Time is just going by way too fast for me to keep up!

  • Eddie

    Shady’s back! lol. Actually its hard to find news to post…you guys are quick these days!

  • @ehandlr You got 300 points this week, nice! Wow, 64 Comments!

  • Eddie

    ohh…they are burning a hole in my pocket!

  • lol Im going to do a controversial piece and blow those 65 comments out of the water..
    I think I’ll title it The PSN Purposely Released a Virus to Cause Yellow Blinking Death with GOW3 so That Everyone Would Have to Purchase a New System and All that other Stuff

  • oh and Eddie.. u can always just donate them to me