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Hideo Kojima Played Significant Role in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Development |

Redesigning lead characters in video games can be a bit controversial ( see inFAMOUS 2 ) but when Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, helps reshape a protagonist it could only lead to good things.

Such is the case for Konami’s upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow as the game’s executive producer David Cox reveals how Gabriel Belmont was a totally different character before Kojima-san got involved.

He( Gabriel Belmont ) was a bit like that, kind of this furry big armor, very brash, very one dimensional . . .

He( Hideo Kojima) said Gabriel himself needed to be worked on more.  He said, “you’ve got this deep and emotional and tragic story, but yet you’ve got this very barbaric character.” So he thought we should redesign Gabriel.  At that point we thought Gabriel was great, but he said, “No no no, you have to change him.”

So we went back and turned Gabriel into much more of an everyman.  He’s not a one dimensional action hero anymore.  He’s much more of a real person now.  I think Kojima’s input on that really helped us, and you can see it in the character.

Hideo Kojima  didn’t just have a hand in Gabriel’s character. He also help the development team behind Castlevania: Lords of Shadow with a lot of other things found in the game as well. Like, for example, “you know how in videogames all the characters have very white teeth?”

Read more about Kojima-san’s involvment with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow at Ripten.

  • EdEN

    After all the great previews posted about the first 2-8 hours of this game I went and pre-ordered the collector’s edition. Look forward to the release.

  • Speak of the devil, didn’t I just say in the last post that Move would be great in a Castlevania type game? Come on Konami, make it happen!

  • EdEN

    Well, Konami has said no to motion control on a proper Castlevania game. Closest we’ve been is Castlevania Judment on Wii but I would really like for a 3D Castlevania with motion controls.

  • Kojima played a significant role? 20 minute cut scenes YES!

  • SicSemperTyranis:

    Kojima played a significant role? 20 minute cut scenes YES!  


    I think I read somewhere that the cutscenes in Castlevania won’t be anywhere near MGS length.