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This Isn’t Your Grandparents’ Wii |

I was playing the demo for the PlayStation Move game Sports Champions, Table Tennis, with my step-son earlier. He kept flailing the Move controller around like he was having a mini seizure in his hand. This is how he typically plays most motion control games. I handily beat him in a 5 point match. This video just goes to show that you can’t wildly wave your hand around and expect to successfully play a PlayStation Move supported game. You actually have recreate the actual actions as if you were participating in real life. This is what they call that 1 to 1 tracking.

If you ever thought the PlayStation Move was simply a Wii knock off, I can assure you that Sony is re-writing the rule book when it comes to motion control. Like I say in the preceding video, Kevin Butler told us this stuff months ago (actually a couple of months from now).

  • What a great way to compare the PlayStation Move to the Wii. Awesome video man, loved it!! I’m still laughing, lol

  • sufy

    Thanks for the article. Your right when you say it’s not a Wii knock off. 1 to 1 tracking is the key and I can’t wait to try it out!

  • I hope this has an easy mode for the wagglers. People who never played table tennis will not get this game at all. Luckily I have played some, and I’m ready to kick some buttocks.

  • Shendow

    Nice video, the kid cracks me up.

  • dude your vid is really funny by far one of the best move vids out there. really liked how u pointed out that its not a wii mote to the kid, u really drove the point home. keep up the great work. lmao

  • Ace

    Your son is hilarious, “You can’t flick it” “OH” *Keeps flicking it*

  • Check out this interesting comparison of Playstation Move Table Tennis vs Wii Sports Resort.

    At the end he actually has a pop-up to reference your video mairondil! 🙂

  • Luke

    mairondil that was a cool video. I like how you kept saying it’s not Wii tennis. Just kept laughing as your kid kept doing the same thing hahahahahah. Damn kids 😉

    Good job with the video.

  • Fernando Lins

    The video is good to prove the point but you were being a total ass to your (step-)son. He’s a kid, he won’t get it this fast, he doesn’t read technology blogs on how things work. He just wants to have fun.

  • ha, that kevin butler ad was awesome, … and the 1 to 1 is why I really want Move

  • dahomie619

    This video might have just sold me a PlayStation Move. I hate playing Wii and watching people flail around and automatically win, that video made my freaking week. YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!! I sent it to all my friends who own a Wii with the tagline “shut up” and loved myself. God I am so happy.

  • Hmmm I wonder if sony is really shooting for the casual market as well. I know they are of course but, like this proves, most kids wont be able to get the idea that you really need to act like a tennis payer, etc. instead of flicking it like hell. Great video though, can’t wait.

  • d

    you might wanna give your PS3 a little bit of air to breath. you will get YLOD very quickly if you leave it trapped like that.
    thanks for the video.

  • I like!

  • Smegmazor

    lol. good video. I’m definitely picking up the move for PGA tour.

  • sam

    ive played wii sports resort table tennis a lot and flailing never worked in competetive play. EVER.

  • haha…thats hilarious

  • Tosh that video was so on the money

    it just proves right there it is superior to the wii. like if you look at real table tennis, some ppl play with the paddle facing down and it will track it like that.

    move is gonna be really awesome.. i cant wait to get mine. i still think its weird that some games were released 9/7 and the move doesn’t come out till the 17th.

    have to ask, will the bundle(move, eye, and SCgame) does that also have a demo disk besides all that comes with?

  • EdEN

    Well, considering you need to spend $99 to get the Move bundle one would expect the tech to have improved on what was introduced almost 4 years ago. WM+ is only $10 (bundled with a game) or $20. Move is at least $90 because you need a Move controller and the PS3 Eye. The $70-80 difference is what in the end MUST make a real difference.

  • Cub

    may be I’m the only one, but doesn’t the 1 on 1 tracking takes all the fun from playing a video game? If I going to actually mimic the actual motions of a ping pong game I rather play real ping pong. I love my ps3 but the good thing about the wii is that I can relax have fun and not worry about doing the actual motions

  • Kicks

    I get to try out the move soon at a houseparty event
    I’m so looking forward to it