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Win 500 points for the Facebook/ PlayStation Move Giveaway |

Come up with a caption for one of the PlayStation Move images below. Please reply like this so we know what photo your referencing.

Photo 1: Your caption here
Photo 2: Your caption here

Please only 1 comment per person. You can come up with a caption for both images if you’d like. But you’ll only be entered into the contest once. After you have commented, donate 50 points to the lottery. This is how I will pick the winner.

Photo 1

Photo 2

To recap there are 2 steps for this contest:

1. Comment on this post with a caption for one of the photos above.
2. Donate 50 points to the lottery.

I’ll pick one at random September 5th, 2010 at 10 pm MT. The winner will get 500 points that they can use towards the PlayStation Move Giveaway. But you can use a maximum of 1000 points toward this PlayStation Move giveaway so keep earning those points! For full details on the big Move giveaway go here. Just a reminder will still need to get 1,000 fans on our Facebook page in order for the Giveaway to happen, we are currently at 634 fans.

Images courtesy of our member mairondil. Check out his impressions on the PlayStation Move here!

  • #1 Do not use the PlayStation Move if you have friends, or if any lamps are on the left side of the room.

    #2 You should not play the PlayStation Move if you have had your electricity cut off.

  • Photo 1: Caution: Playing with other people voids your warranty. Move is best enjoyed while playing alongside inanimate objects.

  • #1 Lamps and people should avoid the silver arrow that is trying to hit them

    #2 The PS Move controller is afraid of the dark

  • Photo 1: Do not use PlayStation move if you hit your friends with the Move controller and not expect your friends to hit you back. If you dont want to get hit back, just play with your lonely self.

  • EdEN

    #1.- When playing with Playstation Move, make sure that you do not hit the lamp first and a passerby second. Always aim for the lamp but do not touch it.

    #2.- While sneaking in, follow the silver arrow towards the lamp. Sneaking in at night from left to right is prohibited.

  • Jay

    Photo 1: You aren’t Mike Tyson, so don’t go punching sh*t that isn’t in game.

    Photo 2: The PlayStation Move is not intended for vampires and ninjas.

  • Photo 2: Never play Move while within range of a Javelin

  • derrickgott007

    I think jay should won! I just sprayed my coke all over my iphone4 laughing! Thanks Jay! Lol

    Photo #1… Move is hulk approved but not compatible with 3rd party circular saw blade attachments.

  • Ace

    Photo 1: WARNING! Using the Playstation move© around idiots may cause brain damage
    Photo 2: WARNING! Playing naked at night with the Playstation move© is not advised

  • Photo 1: Please select the type of player you are. Press the green triangle for Good or the red circle for bad.

  • Photo1: At least they did not have the male smacking a female
    Photo2: Along with photo1, the only correct way to play is PS move is to stand next to a normal lamp. You don’t see a lava lamp there now do ya hippie?

  • Photo 2: Playing with PlayStation Move under the cover of darkness, good. Playing with PlayStation Move near a window where people could see you, bad.

  • Photo 1: Only use your PlayStation Move as a weapon against the lamp race, we have suffered too many casualties as humans and we must turn our aggression towards the lamps.

  • Photo 1: Playstation move allows you to choose your alignment. Good or Bad – The choice is yours – let the lamp shine OR plunge the world into darkness then take out the other guy while he cant see. Sieze your destiny!

  • Photo1: Place PS Move skeptics to your left, just in the range of your motion controller. Show the precision on screen before smacking their face.

  • photo1: Dont play move with others playing move in the same room

    photo 2: Can’t play move with kinect

  • Photo 1: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has this to say on the subject of the Playstation Move: Since it’s release in 2010, only 5% of players have used it properly. All others saw the rubber ball on top and decided it was perfect for smacking their friends, relatives and anything else they can find, as this was much more fun than the mini-games it came with. Sony considered the Move “very successful.”

  • Photo 1: While playing the Move, if people get in your way.. hit the lamp then them…then run
    Photo 2: Only play move in the dark with a single window in the background

  • Lan

    #1 The Playstation move is useful for not only playing games but decapitating your friends and making sure you never have a lamp in that room again

  • kennygk

    photo #1: Please refrain from wearing red when playing move as red saws will kill your friends and destroy your lamp

  • Photo 1: Avoid paranoia. They might really just be friends.
    Photo 2: No clichés! Ensure proper lighting when you make your move. Love your lamp for what it is.

  • Photo 2: Warning: Please turn off the lights when your playing “Bad”, No one in your family wants see you “playing” with yourself.

  • Photo 1: Green Hulk ……..Good, Red Hulk ………Bad??

    Photo 2: Close the Blinds if you are playing Move. Might be embarrassing otherwise.

  • Photo 1: Do NOT strike lamp when assaulting guests

    Photo 2: Be sure flashlight is turned on when hunting for ghosts

  • Left side: If you do this right, no problems

    Right side: If you knock over the lamp and your friends, you’ll be in the dark.

  • Photo #1 Be sure to use your best dance moves with the move. If the lamp and your friend laugh at you. Smack them!

    Photo #2 Silhouette’s may be awesome but unfortunately you cannot “move” in one.

  • mulligank

    Photo #1 It is bad to play Playstation Move when your furniture and zombies are trying to eat you, regardless if you can smack the crap out of them

    Photo #2 Playstation Move was not made for the blind, even in the dark

  • photo 1 – Hulk must not smash when playing or will get embarrassed
    photo 2 only Hulk can play, puny Bill Gates must not no matter how big Windows…

  • Photo 2 – Lamps are ok to hit with your Move controller but windows symbolize M$ so stay away!

  • Photo2:
    image 1: Playstation move replaces your clapper.Use this to turn off your lights. makes Horror games easier in the dark. =)
    image 2: Playstation move can not work as a clapper to turn off the moon in the dark, it just wont happen no matter how many times you swing at it(or shoot it).But it could be a handy nightstick when lit

  • Photo 1: the playstation move is not responsible for injured faces….
    Photo 2:

  • Photo 2: playing playstation move in the dark will not increase your ability to mate…