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New Feature: Group Email Subscription |

Now it’s much easier to follow what’s happening in your favorite group. Go to a group and you’ll see a “Email Options” link. From there you have several options:

  • No Email – I will read this group on the web
  • Weekly Summary Email – Get a summary of new topics each week
    • This gets sent out on Saturday
  • Daily Digest Email – Get all the day’s activity bundled into a single email
    • This gets sent out at 1 a.m. MT so it’s waiting for you in the morning
  • New Topics Email – Send new topics as they arrive (but don’t send replies)
  • All Email – Send all group activity as it arrives

Note: If you select “Daily Digest” or “All Email” you will get regular updates in addition to group forum posts. But if you select any of the other options above you will not get the regular updates. So if you want to know about everything that goes on in a group I’d recommended “Daily Digest” or “All Email”.

You can also just subscribe to a specific group forum topic as well. Go to a group and click on the forum link. Next to each of the topics is a “mute” or “follow” link. Just click it to switch between the two. For those in the co-writers group I highly recommend you select either “Daily Digest” or “All Email”.

  • Is there a way to turn off e-mail updates for articles I write? I’m constantly bombarded by e-mails telling me there are new comments and such.

  • I can but it’s for everyone, so I don’t want to turn it off for everyone. I recommend you set up a filter in your email and drop them into a folder. The from address will always be [email protected]

  • Jay

    are you able to unsubscribe from your own articles?

  • Sadly no, but I’ll see if I can custom code something.