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New PS3 Game Answers One Age Old Question |

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get into fisticuffs with the chihuahua!
Tokyo Jungle, a new game announced by Sony for the PS3, is a follow up of Afrika. Unlike Afrika, this game takes place on the streets of an uninhabited Tokyo in the year 20XX.  There are no humans in the game to play as. Instead you take control of 1 out of 80 different types of animals who have nothing else to do but duke it out in the desolate city. 

Tokyo Jungle will include a Story Mode and Survival Mode and will release in Japan sometime this Winter.

  • Sounds pretty interesting, would love to see this in action, lol.

  • kennygk

    April fools? lol

  • sounds…interesting? and weird

  • I call the elephant!

  • that’s a game i would buy, no joke

  • I heard Afrika was pretty cool.. Was it the same type of game? Fighting animals? lol

  • Umm wow, the stuff that the Japanese come out with. Freaking weirdos.

  • Like the game they come out with the player playing as a musquitoe and you have to go around sucking humans blood, WTF!?

  • darrin

    Wow, Afrika was all about photographing nature (pretty boring). This is the exact opposite of having animals fight each other. This sounds way more interesting.

  • @UbeRamza, They’re weird because of all of the radiation. Ha Ha Ha…Atomic bomb

  • Japaneses ftw lol