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Playstation Plus September Reminder and October Content Update [Update] |


The next month of Playstation Plus benefits have been released. Free games, avatars, themes and discounts galore!


Sam and Max: Devil’s Playground (entire season)

Vector Tower Defense

PSOne Classic
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

Full Game Trial
Warhawk (with exclusive 50% discount for Plus members on purchase)
Inferno Pool

Exclusive Discounts
LBP: Ico and Shadow of Colossus costume pack – 50%
Metal Gear Solid (PSOne) – 50%
Warhawk – 20%
Pixel Junk Shooter – 20%

Exclusive UFC Undisputed 2010 DLC

Dynamic themes
Exclusive PlayStation Move theme
Exclusive ‘Fish Tank’ theme

Premium avatars
Eye Pet Blue Goalie Avatar
Eye Pet DJ Avatar


Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

YetiSports (minis)
Aero Racer (minis)

PSOne Classic
Syphon Filter (PS one Classic)

Full Game Trial
Gravity Crash (Plus exclusive 50% discount for members if purchased after trial)
Hustle Kings (Plus exclusive 50% discount for members if purchased after trial)

Exclusive Discounts
Burn Zombie Burn (including free exclusive Home item for Plus subscribers who purchase the game) – 50%
TRINE – 50%

Dynamic themes
Exclusive PS Move Start the Party theme
Exclusive PS Move Halloween theme

Premium avatars
PAIN: Jarvis Avatar
PAIN: Le Toot Avatar
SingStar: Wannabe Avatar
SingStar: Rising Star Avatar


PlayStation Plus Highlights for 9/7:

Full Game Trial

Free Games
Blast Off – mini – FREE

Early Access Game Demo
God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP Demo)

Game Discounts
Ratchet & Clank Dynamic Theme (50%)

Free Game Add-ons
UFC Undisputed 2010 TUF Unlock Key
Warhawk Booster Combo

Free XMB Themes
Warhawk Dynamic Theme
Mystical Fractals Theme

Free Media
Qore September Issue

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down next Tuesday (9/7):

Early Access Game Demo

Free Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Minis: Aero Racer (original price – $2.99)
Themes: Nebula Tunnels (original price – $1.99)
Qore: August Episode (original price – $2.99)

Discount Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Wipeout Fury HD DLC – 20% Off (PlayStation Plus Offer – $7.99, regular price – $9.99)
High Velocity Bowling – 50% Off (PlayStation Plus Offer – $5.00, regular price – $9.99)
Uncharted Eye of Indra comic bundle – 50% Off (PlayStation Plus Offer – $1.25, regular price $2)

  • hobbes

    while september looks great, Oct looks awful, hardly a single thing i’d download. and a few things have already been given out (aero racer for example, and pretty sure sphyon filter)

  • Eddie

    yea the only thing in october that sort of interests me is gravity crash trial and 50% off.

  • October does look kinda weak but I’m psyched for Street Fighter II!

  • derrickgott007

    Is this for the USA or uk? Please specify.

  • Eddie


    Is this for the USA or uk? Please specify.  


    Good question. I assumed the PS+ service was mostly the same for both. I wasn’t aware of any significant differences.

  • derrickgott007

    Yeah there is a big difference. Uk got little big planet in the first month and we got wipeout. Each month the uk gets different content than we do here in the USA.

  • Eddie

    I believe the above is the European update.

    apparently as of 9/7 we get:

    Warhawk – Full Game Trial

    Blast Off – Free mini

    God of War Ghost of Sparta – Early access demo

    Ratchet and Clank Dynamic Theme 50% off

    UFC Undisputed 2010 TUF Unlock Key

    Warhawk Booster Combo

    and more…

  • playstation plus has not updated itself yet in europe and people are pretty peed off about it! cheek out the flame war building up on the offical blog

    I even saw talk of a group lawsuit on the commenets!:P I am going to sleep on it and it will all be sort out by the morning, i hope!

  • You suck Eddie but I haven’t figured it exactly what yet. hehe

  • EdEN

    Ok, so just to clarify, Europe gets the full Sam and Max Season for free?

    I already own it but the other things for Europe really got me happy… until I realized the Europe tab. Don’t do that again hahaha!

  • How good is Warhawk? I heard it was pretty good but I missed it when it originally released. if its worth it then this is the perfect time for me to pick it up. Oh and Eddie you still suck!!!lol

  • Eddie

    Warhawk is good. Def fun. Should have said something a few months ago, I gave my copy away for free to a buddy at work.