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Top Hand Rodeo Tour Coming to Move |

First of all, this game came out of nowhere. Who would have thought that we’d even see a rodeo game? Personally, I think it’s a very interesting concept, especially since it will be a Move title. Too bad the trailer didn’t include any gameplay. Here’s a few details, according to Chris Curra, VP of Production over at Perpetual FX Creative:

Everything in the game you play, see and hear was created from scratch and designed from the ground up for a completely fresh take on the modern face of rodeo. We have a ton planned for the game, including a variety of white-knuckle events like calf roping and team roping. We also are currently working on never-before-seen barrel and mounted shooting mechanics and track configurations, all of which will be playable in highly competitive online and local multiplayer.

You can also customize your cowboy/girl and horse, as well as get upgrades for them down the line. It’s definitely a different type of game, and it will likely be tailored to rodeo fans, but I’ll probably keep my eye on it, if only because its different. The game comes out this December.