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Prizes Revealed for the Facebook/ Move Giveaway! |

Since we hit 700 Fans on our Facebook page I’ll now announce the prizes for the big Facebook/ Move Giveaway! There are 6 prizes in total.

Just a reminder there are 4 steps required to qualify for this giveaway:

  1. Be a fan of our Facebook Page
  2. Be a member of You can register here.
  3. Leave a reply here on Facebook with your username.
  4. Have at least 250 points in your Account. Here are all the ways to earn points. You get 115 points alone for just joining!

1st Place Winner – PlayStation Move Bundle
2nd Place Winner – PlayStation Move Controller
3rd Place Winner – PlayStation Move Sub Controller or PlayStation Eye*
4th Place Winner – T-Shirt**
5th Place Winner – $20 PlayStation Network Card
6th Place Winner – Points Refunded + 500 points

The reason you need to build up your points? We are using the ‘Lottery’ method for this giveaway. This means that you must use the points to buy lottery tickets. Lottery tickets will cost 250 points each, and you can ‘buy’ up to 4 of them. In other words, for this contest, depending on how many entries you want to do, you will need between 250 and 1,000 points.. Details on how to buy the tickets will be up when we get 1000 Fans on Facebook.

There is a contest to win 500 points going on now until September 5th, 2010 at 10 pm MT. So be sure to enter that contest!

And a few final details, we try to make it so we can get prizes to people internationally, since our site is an international site. We will try to make all attempts for all winners to get their prizes, despite region/territory. This contest is only open to those who have followed the entry rules listed above. More details can be found here.

For a list of current eligible members who can enter the contest/lottery, click here.

* 2nd place prize is an either/or by choice of the prize winner.
** Shirt sizes go up to 6XL

  • Awesome!, i cant wait to lose

  • Jay


  • Im not going to feel bad when I win this time 🙂

  • Whoo-Hooo! Awesome prizes! I am going to lose this thing so bad, Beck will write a song about me!

  • Believe it or not I think I have the worst luck in the world!

    I’ve NEVER won anything in MY LIFE!!

    In fact I lie – I once CHEATED when I was 7 years old when I bought one raffle ticket to win a teddy bertie bassett (you know the liquerice allsorts sweets mascot type thing).

    This other kid bought hundreds. I was picking out the winner and I fixed the whole thing. My raffle ticket on the top! The little kid that picked out the winner picked my ticket.

    I’ve never found it in my heart to forgive myself. 🙁

  • HAHAHAHAHA MAdagasca

  • Eddie

    What am I going to do when I win Move? Should I actually play it? 😛

  • throw my chips in and let them fall where they may…

  • I can’t wait!!!!

  • I can barely afford the two or three games I want this holiday season so I can deffinately not afford to get Move like I want to. I really really don’t want to wait until next year to get it so I’m keeping my fingers crossed cause I have to win first, second, or third place. I HAVE TO WIN!!! Lol

  • Eddie:

    What am I going to do when I win Move? Should I actually play it? :P   


    Might I suggest Ebay?

  • FrenchK

    Awesome contest 🙂
    Love the site, need to quit following just the RSS Feed and come here more often 🙂

  • @frenchk Yes, come hang out more often 🙂 We do mini contests in the live chat sometimes too.

  • Looks like I have to visit this site a lot more often.

  • EdEN

    Mmm, guess I’ll have to create a blank Facebook account to be eligible for the prizes since I already have the prizes and the desire for free stuff. Any price will do, I’m not picky.

  • Kicks

    good luck everyone 🙂

  • Wanna to win!!!

  • I will win it…