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Wager Match Caters to Elite Players Only |

So when you stick in that Call of Duty disc and meander the internets for some cannon fodder, are you killing more than you are killed? More than that, do you usually place in the top three? If so, Black Ops’ Wager Match mode is for you.

But if, like me, you don’t generally place in the top three, why would you ever, ever, play the new Wager Match modes that were being so hyped by Treyarch last night?

It’s not like Deathmatch is a random game where sometimes you place at the top, sometimes you place at the bottom. CoD is a skill-based game, and generally you end up in the same part of the scoreboard every time (with a little variance).

Wager Match rewards the top three players of any given match. Usually Deathmatch is eight players. So 37.5% of the players are rewarded, the rest lose out. So if you take the whole CoD community, 62.5% of them have no reason to play Wager Match. (Of course, there is some variation. Sometimes you do better than other times. But on the whole, you get my point.)

So Wager Match, this big new mode that Treyarch put into the game, will only cater to a small percentage of all the players. I know how well I typically do, so there’s no way I’m wasting my money in Wager Match.

Wager Match = Useless

  • Anyone up for a 3-player wager match? 😉

  • Nhaga

    Words cannot express my dissaproval… Wager Match should be seen as another incentive to improve your skills. (England didn’t even reach the semi final in the last cups they played. Should they stop going?)

    Are you sugesting that Treyarch should pull every feature from the game that doesn’t impress more than 37.5% of all players?

  • Smegmazor

    I’m so done with COD.

  • Nhaga: no

  • I do think that its pretty awesome that at least one FPS developer is trying to come up with new multiplayer modes instead of giving us the same old modes over and over.
    I think two of these game modes sound really cool.The one where you are given just one bullet and you take other peoples bullets as you kill them, really cool and the other one is where you start with the weakest weapon and work your way through all of the weapons in the game.
    The issue I have is that I think they should give us a choice to play with or without the whole wager thing so that everyone can enjoy these really cool new modes. I totally agree with Blackstaffer in that I’m not good enough to even want to try these modes cause I would lose everything. So it would be a total waste for me because even though I’m a hardcore gamer in most cases I’m more of a casual gamer when it comes to FPSs.

  • I think it looks pretty cool. I doubt I’ll play it very often seeing as the people I play CoD with are borderline gods. I’d be willing to bet they’ll have all of those game modes available outside of wager mode as well. They aren’t going to bog down their innovation by making it only available in a risky game mode (a la Wager).

    One thing I dont know if anyone else noticed is, it looks like they’re bringing prone back. That’s something that’s been missing from popular FPS’s for a long time.

  • Bringing prone back?

    You can lie prone in previous CoD games too.