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Sony Sues Zoomba for PS3 Jailbreak |

Sony is suing for breaching copyright laws, violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Trademark Infringement. The hackers are calling this “scare tactics”.

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  1. It’s what everyone was waiting for, of course they’ll sue. It’s a closed box system, tampering with it the way they do should be illegal too.

  2. Sony got Australia to perminently ban the Jailbreak and all profits made from selling it are to be given directly to Sony….wow..that was quick and swift. via CVG_UK

  3. The power of Sony at work! Our system will never be as cheap as the 360!!

  4. Tampering with the PS3 is not and should not be illegal. I bought the thing, so I can mess with it as I like. However, selling devices that facilitate piracy… well, I can see where that would be more treacherous legal ground.

  5. I agree with premiersoupir! I jailbroke my ps3 a week ago and if anything let us jailbreak!

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