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Square Enix Developing AAA Core Title and New Game Engine |

Square Enix working on new AAA Title

Square Enix has announced that they are working on a AAA title with a goal metacritic of 90 or higher for the core gamer demographic. They will incorporate their Japanese and American studios on this project. The lead developer for Dissidia (Yosuke Shiokawa)will be taking the helm.

Luminous Engine

Say goodbye White Engine and hello Luminous Engine. SE has created a new game engine and are boasting live editing amongst other things that make this superior to their former White Engine.

*No news if the new engine will be used for this AAA game.

  • I hope it’s a J-RPG ! 🙂
    I wonder what the new engine would be like. I personally liked the White Engine in FF13, it’s pretty impressive — and fast !

  • Not a huge J-RPG fan, but I do like seeing Square Enix’s continually outdo themselves in various ways. Look forward to seeing this new engine!

  • I just hope it doesn’t have turn based fights.

  • I agree.. turned based fights can get repeatative