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GT5’s Damage Model Spotted. Dynamic? |

According to GamersMint, user Asane from GTPlanet and GameTrailers spotted a build of GT5 at a Best Buy store, and took pics of the damage model, which appears to be dynamic in the way a car wrecks. Too bad they’re off-screen and a bit blurry.

It looks very good, and much more realistic than the damage model on a lot of other games. No idea if running a car head on at 200MPH would, essentially, kill you and crush your entire car, though.

You can check out some other shots here.


  1. Very nice! Now I can’t wait for the release date to get delayed some more!!

  2. It won’t be delayed anymore. Its solid now.

  3. I remember those same statements for GT2 & 3…that was fun working at EB and having people come in every day asking what the new release date was. Good times.

  4. I hope cars wreck spectacularly in this game. I dread “bouncing cars” like other racing games have.

  5. “It won’t be delayed anymore. Its solid now. ”

    Ooh, you’re a brave, brave man!

  6. I am so looking forward to the new driving physics. Hopefully they get it right.

  7. I’m pretty sure the “bouncing cars” feel will still be there, I just really don’t see how they can take it away, if it were realistic, the car would get stuck

  8. mulligank

    Never been a race car game but I’m a fan of good detail and that looks like detail

  9. You consider that great looking damage modeling? It looks like someone melted a Hot Wheels car.

  10. if you play it, in game, it looks a lot better, but the damage takes a while to accumulate, which is my problem with it.

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