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Infamous 2 PAX Trailer! |

The game looks simply amazing…even Uncharted 2 amazing. Great graphics, amazing gameplay….this is my most anticipated game right now for the PS3.

In this trailer you will see Cole do some battle with some gun toting baddies then all of a sudden some horse/camel/burrowing type creature pops up and makes Cole toss automobiles for his life!

  • Jay

    the game looks awesome. wish the video wasnt so choppy though (at least, it was on mine)

  • Eddie

    nice and smooth for me.

  • Smooth for me too…game does look nice. Perhaps I should play the first inFamous at some point.

  • Eddie

    first Infamous was one of my favorite games this gen.

  • waw it looks insane. i played the first one and it wad great but this one looks awesome

  • Wow inFamous 2 is looking great so far.
    I really like the cinematic close-up that it does when Cole uses his tuning fork weapon thingy.
    I wish this was a holiday 2010 game….

  • Infamous 2 Looks amazing. Definitely GOTY contender 2011

  • Jonaskin

    The first Infamous was my GOTY last year by a mile. Agreed this one looks superb.

  • Vid was choopy for me too.

    To me New Cole still looks like New Cole we need him to look like Old Cole.

  • This looked great, it’s like what they did with uncharted. The second game just takes the first one to new heights.

  • This game looks sick….I missed 100% on Infamous because I couldn’t find I freakin shard…

  • Thanks for sharing this! It looks really exciting. I love the new location and the dappled verdigris palette. The Big Easy should be a really cool location. Last thing we need is another game set in the Big Apple. Don’t get me wrong; I loved the first game. I’m with at Jonaskin: best game last year.

  • Eddie

    I see you J-MOS!

    The shards aren’t too hard to find. I found them all. Still didn’t get 100% lol.

  • mulligank

    Looks fantastic, was kinda on the fence, think im gonna have to get it now

  • Jonaskin

    For those of you that didn’t get 100% I’d recommend going back and trying. It’s a fairly easy platinum and the best part is it’s entertaining doing it, not a grind fest.

  • Lordincubus

    Is this supposed to come out next year aka 2011? Looks really amazing. I am happy they got ride of the random cheesy comic book looking bad guys that you would fight over and over again. Also its good to see a verity of characters to fight against.

  • Wait, you can pick up cars and throw them? Missed that one, somehow. So. Cool. Freaking out.

  • I beat infamous on hard the first time i played through and didn’t realize it…As far as going for platinum, I was one shard away but it just got tiring after going through the whole city and still not finding it…what a shame!