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Points Abuse will not be tolerated |

It’s come to my attention that some new members have been abusing the points feature here. For those that have heavily abused the friend request feature, your points have either been reset to 0 or removed just the points for all the spam friend requests (depending on your community involvement).

There are plenty of ways to earn points. Until this contest is over, points for completed friend requests are set to zero. When I talk about abusing the friend request feature, some members sent out over 20+, some 40+ friend requests.

Also, please don’t create groups that are better left as a forum topic. When creating a group, think of a more central subject, such as a fan club or gathering place.

If you notice any points abuse please contact me or Jay about it. If you need a forum post approved we will get to it as soon as possible.

  • Friend request spam? And I thought I was just liked alot 🙁

  • So that’s what’s been going on…
    I thought that my cat icon was just so alluring. 🙂

  • That explains a lot. I shouldn’t have hit yes… *shakes head in shame*

  • Jay

    the only people affected are those who sent out the requests. If you accepted them, you’re OK, as long as you don’t mass friend yourself

  • I can friend myself? And massively at that??

  • lol gotta love the web

  • Thanks !

  • Ah! Wondered why I’d been getting requests lately. I didn’t recognise the names, and I know I’m not that likeable.

  • Paranoimia: Ah! Wondered why I’d been getting requests lately. I didn’t recognise the names, and I know I’m not that likeable.  

    I like u.. maybe lol

  • and there was me thinking i was getting friend reqs as a new member

  • Dont let this scare u from making friend requests… ill accept u all, even tho there are no points for it

  • Jay

    yeah you can send requests, but I would advise you not to send out like ten or more at a time. One member sent out about 100.

  • I thought I had friends… ='(

  • EdEN

    @Oly: Yes, you can friend yourself AND massively. It’s called puberty.

  • Well if anyone wants any points just send me a message. ^^ 7k is my limit.

  • They like me… They really like me

    I said they like me!

  • Ok I’ll admit it. I friended everybody who was on the site at one point. But why did I go all the way back to 0 if people are allowed to request 10-20 people at a time why can’t i haev the points for those 15 or so people? And just b/c I haven’t been on every single day doesn’t mean I’m not interested in being part of the community. Though this is really discouraging me from caring much. Sure I was trying to cheat the system a bit but it’s not like you had set rules about friend spamming and I did it anyway. Give me a break here guys.

  • @drask I gave you back 225 points. So now all I removed was all the friend requests. At least now you have a chance to earn double points.

  • Jay

    We shouldn’t have had to make rules for that, since it was common sense that it was abuse, and we figured we wouldn’t have to based on our faith in the Community that they wouldn’t abuse the feature.

    And technically, we don’t allow people to friend 20 other people at a time. That’s part of why we set this rule into place. I’ll look at your points log and add the points for non-friending activities, but that’s it.

    EDIT: Never mind, looks like Tosh got to it

  • Thank you. Though I will say when I was doing it I didn’t picture it as abuse. Why shouldn’t everyone on the site be friends? (I’m not arguing btw. Just stating my thoughts.) Thanks again.

  • Jay

    I know where you’re coming from. We’re a close-knit community for sure, but the friend feature was really meant for members who want to keep tabs on their closest friends on here (since you can see friend updates in your feed and the like to keep it separate from the entirety of the site), but the main problem with mass friending is that it could be seen as a deterrent and an annoyance since each friend request also sends out a notification email to the members you requested.

    If you have mutliple folks doing that (there were a handful of you, so you weren’t the only one), you’re likely to be sending them email that they don’t necessarily want to receive and might deactivate their accounts because they would think it to be spam. We’ve also gotten a few complaints from people who received those emails because they were from people they didn’t know.