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Poll Results and New Poll: What’s Your Favorite mini? |

Alright, so it appears a lot of you actually prefer to get the Collector’s Edition of a game, assuming it’s one you wanted to begin with. Just wondering, though, is cost of a concern, even if it is a game you knew was a sure thing? Anyway, new poll this week, asking What is your Favorite PlayStation mini. Since there are multiple titles to choose from, I have opened it to allow people to add in their own answers. Poll idea was by xICASEYIx, who will be getting the 200 points for the idea.

As always, if you have an idea of your own, let us know here.


  1. My fav is HISTORY Egypt: Engineering an Empire (reminds me of CivII on PS)

  2. My favorite mini is skirt, when worn on an attractive lady.

  3. Fieldrunners

  4. derrickgott007

    I second that notion for fieldrunners.

  5. Fieldrunners so far. Haven’t had much time to play minis since I’m on “finish retail games A.S.A.P.” mode.

  6. It is a crime the Tetris mini wont play on the PS3

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