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Firmware 3.42 Out – Jailbreaks Blocked |

It was bound to happen, but no one knew when. Sony quietly released firmware version 3.42 tonight, and with it, the ability to block ALL USB-exploited hacks. Since the update is a mandatory one, you MUST have it to retain PSN connectivity and future titles. The blocks had been confirmed by exophase:

We can confirm that all variants of the USB-hub emulating exploit (PSFreedom, PSGroove, PSJailbreak) are no longer functional in firmware 3.42.

I’m glad we’re seeing something come out of this finally. At least they didn’t disable the USB feature :P. Other than that, there’s no word on any new features.

  • kennygk

    Finally. The suspense was killing me

  • good, sony can’t bear another PSP type thing.

  • Hope they killed it for good. “PS3 it only does Copy Protection” :p

    The only console that has not been hacked to date.. well.. permanently that is.

  • Eddie


  • Eddie

    although people are using logan proxy to bypass for the time being. it allows them to stay on 3.41 and still access PSN.

  • First of all – AWESOME image!

    Secondly – I wonder what’s going through the heads of those that actually bought the JB?


    @Eddie – I tried one of the proxy methods when the Install Other OS was removed. I’m sure they’re getting hit too.

  • Well now the cat & mouse games begin.
    How long till the hackers announce a work around?

  • Eddie

    nah Madagasca…its confirmed working.

  • Sinlock

    Somewhat off topic.
    But is anyone else surprised that Sony is cutting it so close with what ever update is required for Move support.

  • No concern for me, never had a desire to hack my system.

  • Jay

    Eddie: although people are using logan proxy to bypass for the time allows them to stay on 3.41 and still access PSN.  

    A bit risky on their part, eh?

    Madagasca: First of all – AWESOME image!

    lol, thanks, made it relatively quick

  • It would be great if SONY didn’t have to focus on this kind of crap and just release firmware updates for stuff we wanted.

  • Wow. Sony works quick. Even when geohot just cracked the code, they had a firmware within 2 weeks.

  • EdEN

    So, who has downloaded the new firmware? Any problems, bricks, slowdown, no-play on BR movies, etc.?

  • Jyoumon22

    can i update the ps3 now

  • @EdEN: no worries for me — everything seems fine with fw3.42.

  • ok thanks

  • Jonaskin

    Sinlock – The Move update was delivered in a firmware update ages ago. If you look under your system settings it should have a bunch of options for calibrating motion control etc.

  • Exploitedsoul

    Sony at it again, remaining the only system that won’t be hacked or bootlegged.

  • eh, ill give it about a week until the jailbreak update is released to bypass all of this

  • I hope Sony doesn’t forget to put real features in their future updates. I just don’t feel great about updating every month with the chance of my PS3 bricking.

  • Its good to see that sony isnt sitting on there hands.

  • Delighted. I hate piracy like this.