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Jailbreak Users Living in Fear? |

Wow! What a couple of weeks it has been. The USB Jailbreak was announced, sold and SONY have clamped down on the sellers down under, and laws being brought in around the globe to prohibit them from distributing the hack that really works.

Reports were coming in from all angles stating that users accounts were being banned for using the hack that allowed them to play ‘backed up’ & illegally acquired games. As most would argue, you’d like to keep your original copy in tip top shape hence you’d prefer to ‘back it up’ and then just use that copy  to play your game. However, even though this could be a valid arguement, the whole system is being abused to play games which you do not own. Obviously – this isn’t right.

So, do you blame SONY from going all out to prevent those that wish to ‘abuse’ the system?

Now, to the point. The reports, as mentioned above were most likely fake reports. I’m sure SONY would’ve made some official announcement before such action was taken – unless I  missed it. This is to note that something probably is brewing in the SONY camp to clamp down on those that may have already acquired their jailbreak device, whether it be a firmware update, or simply scanning the networks and suspending accounts.

However, if you are one of those who has purchased this device and recieved it – just a note of warning – is it really worth getting yourself caught up in this mess just to play that one game you can’t yet afford, or cannot be bothered to buy? No matter how expensive a game is – you knew the console wasn’t the cheapest on the market AND you knew how much the games would cost, still you chose to purchase it. Just sit back and have a think about whether this is really what you want to do?

Do you really wish to live in fear that your console will get banned as and when SONY catch up with all of this?

Note: does not condone piracy of any kind!

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  • There have been rumors about people being banned, but the rumors have been proved false, as you point out. So why continue to spread the rumor? Also, you don’t provide any documentation of either the rumors or their debunking. I haven’t researched the matter much, but interested readers might start here: .

    Why address your gentle reader as a pirate? I don’t have the device, so I don’t require a lecture about the dangers of the device. Nor, I suspect, do those who have the device require such a lecture. Anyone who bought the dongle did so with eyes wide open, I would imagine. Does anyone really expect Sony not to take measures to ban the device? Most corporations would, and moreover we already know Sony’s track record for paranoiac overreaction when it comes to PS3 integrity.

  • The ps3 exclusive games are so good that I don’t have any problem paying the full $60 for them. But a lot of the multi platform games, that’s another story. Lol.

  • earl

    keep in mind many people, including myself are interested in using the hack to run homebrew, or to keep our otherOS feature and possibly uprade to a custom firmware to play newer games.

    If Sony can monitor our systems and see they’ve been changed, Obviously they have the ability to see what we’re doing with it, hence they could only ban the backup thieves, and not the homebrew crowd.

    I think Sony should ban people it can verify are stealing games, playing copies, or whatever. But they shouldn’t ban people who are using features the console originally came with.

  • @premiersoupir

    you’re right – apologies the article isn’t meant to sound like a lecture. I guess I’ve written my first poor article?

    I was looking to try an generate some discussion around the topic but I guess I went off on a rant.

    @earl – I completely agree with you. I love homebrew and I love MAME too. I’d love to see MAME on the ps3.

    All in all, I guess rather than rush out an article -it’s better to read it through a few times and see if it is relevant to the community of this site.


    Feedback appreciated guys! 😀

  • Eddie

    Madagasca, nothing wrong with your article and it isn’t bad whatsoever. It clearly is playing devils advocate from both sides to acquire some well thought out (friendly) debates among fans while mildly applying your thoughts on the matter in the form of a hypothetical.

    No where did I believe this to be a news article in reading it.

    Now as far as the debate at hand. It appears that Sony knew this was coming one day and apparently over the 4-5 years the console was on the market and not hacked (long long time). Perhaps budgeting rolled over the money set aside for R&D when it comes to piracy prevention and they have mounds of cash to throw at it. Either way they seem to be on top of their game when it comes to preventing the offical leaks of the product.

    As far as preventing the people from doing it online theirself? That remains to be seen. Rumors as of now are new manufacturing processes, firmware updates, disk based firmware updates amongst other things.

    Hell…I can’t see a reason they can’t turn off USB communication while a game is being played with an update. There is no reason under any circumstance (following manufacturers usage policies) that an external HDD would be used while in game. This would force us to use only the internal HDD for playing games. Since it is FAT32, you are limited to the size of files that can be read (I believe 4 gigs).

    I completely understand the homebrew side of it and support homebrew 100%. However….there are those who like to enable homebrew for the sake of enabling homebrew despite the knee jerk reaction from 90% of the homebrew enabling capable crowd that will pirate. I mean really…how many electronics do you need to play Chrono Trigger on?

  • Hey, in lighter news, I just got the inside scoop on Sony’s official strategy to combat the dongle: Everyone who doesn’t buy the dongle gets a free cookie (hooray!) and is recorded on Santa’s “Nice” list. Contrarily, all the Naughties will get a lump of brick for Christmas. 🙂

  • Eddie: I can’t see a reason they can’t turn off USB communication while a game is being played with an update.

    PS Eye, external keyboard, mini USB for charging controller.

  • Eddie


    PS Eye, external keyboard, mini USB for charging controller.  


    Charging can be still be done on USB’s without transferring data. Keyboard and Eye are a case by case basis and at the moment, very very small minority. Leaving it up to the dev to program such wouldn’t be a hassle. Especially ones that do not want to their games pirated.

  • Eddie

    but you were right, I didn’t think of those.

  • Who would want to use it, knowing that they could get banned?

  • earl

    I think for pretty much all circumstances, using any unlicensed Sony firmware or hardware hack will result in an online ban. There is no way around that, not worth even hoping for that one! The only people who should be considering homebrew or hacked ps3 should be ready to sacrifice online play. Can’t have both.

    I think that alone is a pretty strong deterrent that Sony has. The loss of PSN and online play should keep many customers legit.

  • Andy

    I am completely against the pirating of games (and software/music in general), however I do see this device as a great way for a homebrew games scene to take off on the PS3.

    If it could be used to start a homebrew scene, but still have the “backup” crowd kept out (I always think this is a dubious reason anyway) I think it’ll actually help the PS3 rather than hurt it.

  • Ravenitrius

    Oh man. I hope they don’t turn usb communication. I use a external hard drive or whatever to transfer files between my computer and ps3. Including firmware when I was upgrading my internal HDD. =/

  • SONY is the best company because of this. Microsoft doesn’t give a shyt about their products.

  • I don’t understand why people would want to F*ck something up thats so beautiful…

  • derrickgott007

    Charging can be still be done on USB’s without transferring data. Keyboard and Eye are a case by case basis and at the moment, very very small minority. Leaving it up to the dev to program such wouldn’t be a hassle. Especially ones that do not want to their games pirated.  


  • Eddie

    derrickgott007: Charging can be still be done on USB’s without transferring data. Keyboard and Eye are a case by case basis and at the moment, very very small minority. Leaving it up to the dev to program such wouldn’t be a hassle. Especially ones that do not want to their games pirated.  EVER HEAR OF THE MOVE? KILLING USB KILLS THE MOVE…..POOR IDEA.  

    lol did you read what you quoted? I’m saying that on a case by case basis, devs can insert a certain code in their game to authorize the usb ports. Although doesn’t matter now…jailbreak is killed for the moment.

  • Nahum

    You love MAME? isnt it true that a majority of MAME roms are still under copyright protection? Granted some of these games have been released for MAME to run, but others have not.. So just because you love MAME for the games that are free to own/play, means that you have never played a MAME rom that was still under copyright?

    This is the whole idea of the homebrew forum, just because something can be done, doesnt mean that everyone will be doing it. Some people just want the homebrew to play emulators and what not..

    You’re off threatening users making them think that as soon as they turn on their ps3 that they will get banned, or even worse legal action for it.. I for one do not think that sony wants to spend the time and/or money required to take every single user that has done this exploit. The worst that can be done is a ban, and that is only if you are connected to the psn which would require an internet connection regardless.

    People who are taking this exploit seriously will know the things they will be getting themselves into. And the kiddies that only want this thinking that its a cheap alternative to stealing games.. well they will deserve to get banned from psn.. but again even a ban doesnt mean that they can no longer do this.

    In last words.. if they want on the psn, version 3.42 is required, and unless they take more dramatic steps to get around the update check, 3.42 puts a fix in on this.. Which means the ones who know to use programs to get around the update check could really care less if banned from psn.

    Think of the 360 hacks? we will eventually get to the point in dumping keyvaults from ps3 and be yet another way around updates. The ps3 has a long record for going unhacked.. but like every electrical device, its not perfect… better luck next time Sony.