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The Weekly Recap (August 29th-September 4th) |

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One small change this week. I dropped the Poll tab. It wasn’t necessary anymore. You can check out the poll results on the post I made last night. Other than that? It was a pretty busy week, and we almost managed to surpass 40 articles. A lot of that had to do with PAX West happening over the past few days (honestly, who would have thought Duke Nukem Forever would ever come into fruition, let alone, be in playable form?).

Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of last weeks news, outside of that. mairondil has submitted a bunch of articles, one getting a huge number of likes. We have quite a few pieces of commentary to check out, too. Hideo Kojima, the guy behind the Metal Gear Solid series, has had a hand in the development of the new Castlevania game. Some highly details screenshots of Arkham City have been released.

Killzone 3 was shown with Move controls, and I think they look to work great (save for the auto-aim, which is obviously there only for demonstration purposes). InFamous 2 is also rumored to have Move support, so we’ll see what happens there. OddWorld: Stranger’s Wrath is said to be heading to PS3 next Easter. A few other games have also had their release dates announced. Thanks to PAX, there is also a big selection of videos to check out, including some new trailers and the like.

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A few new things are happening. One, you can now subscribe to groups through email, with a bunch of options on how you want to subscribe. Finding the feature was a Live Chat contest that went on for a couple days, and I won, so I got some points for it :P.

Other than that, we had some point system abusers that were taken care of last night. And with that, I am also able to deal with them myself, so if you see anything fishy, have a problem with another member, etc, you can talk to both Tosh and I.

Alright, we had a few things happen this week. First of all, we had a caption contest to get 500 points to help people build them up for the Move giveaway, and the winner was announced today.

We have also reached 700 fans, and with that, the prizes were revealed for the Move contest. Given how fast that happened, Toh promised a second Move controller if we reach 1500 total fans. Awesome!

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Hideo Kojima Played Significant Role in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Development
Sakinah – August 30th

Sega Teases New Game (Undoubtedly Valkyria Chronicles 3)
Eddie – September 1st

Batman: Arkham City Screenshots
Trev – September 1st

Sony Confirms Tokyo Game Show Line-Up
Eddie – September 2nd

L.A Noire officially delayed into 2011
NunoDavesh – September 3rd

Alice: Madness Returns
premiersoupir – September 3rd

PlayStation Booth @ PAX West 2010
Luke – September 3rd

Autumn / Winter 2010 – A Busy Period For Buying Games?
Madagasca – August 31st

This Isn’t Your Grandparents’ Wii
mairondil – August 31st

Google TV on the PlayStation 3? Let’s Speculate
mairondil – September 1st

Wager Match Caters to Elite Players Only
Blackstaffer – September 2nd

PlayStation Move – now with ‘Supplies will be Limited’?
mairondil – September 2nd

What’s Wrong with the PSP?
Darrin – September 2nd

Alex Evans Talks LittleBigPlanet 2, More Details Revealed
Ace – September 1st

No 3D MGS4 With Trophy Support Soon
Trev – September 2nd

Killzone 3 with Move Controls Demoed at PAX
Jay – September 4th

inFamous 2 to Feature Move Support?
Ace – August 29th

Sony to Introduce iTunes Competitor on PS3, PSP
Eddie – September 1st

Playstation Plus September Reminder and October Content Update [Update]
Eddie – September 1st

First Look at Malicious,Upcoming PSN Game From Avilon
Sakinah – August 30th

Great Scott!!! First Image of “Back to the Future” for PSN
Eddie – September 1st

New PS3 Game Answers One Age Old Question
Sakinah – September 1st

“Outland” for PSN by Housemarque
Eddie – September 2nd

“Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath” Remake for PS3 Next Easter
Eddie – September 3rd

Duke Nukem Forever Multi-platform Release [Video: Update]
Luke – September 3rd

TerRover Release Date Announced
Luke – September 3rd

Mafia II: The Betrayal of Jimmy DLC Impressions
LOKO117 – August 30th

PlayStation Move Experience [Update: Video]
mairondil – August 31st

New Kung-Fu Live Footage – Some Levels and Boss Battles
Jay – August 29th

James Bond Blood Stone Istanbul Trailer
Trev – August 31st

BFBC 2 Ultimate Edition Launch Trailer Goes Live
Ace – August 31st

Top Hand Rodeo Tour Coming to Move
Jay – September 1st

New KB Ad Shows Some Epic Footage
Jay – September 2nd

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Multiplayer Overview
Ace – September 2nd

Playstation Move Unboxing!
Luke – September 2nd

Vanquish Story Trailer
Eddie – September 3rd

PlayStation Move Sports Champions Table Tennis vs. Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis
mairondil – September 3rd


“The 3rd Birthday” Could be Extended to the PS3 says Kitase
Eddie – September 1st

Borderlands GOTY edition
premiersoupir – September 2nd

Dead Space 2: Multiplayer
LOKO117 -September 2nd

Sony Sues Zoomba for PS3 Jailbreak
Eddie – September 3rd

Square Enix Developing AAA Core Title and New Game Engine
Eddie – September 3rd

Killzone 3 Release Date Announced
LOKO117 – September 3rd

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Guide | Weapons, Perks, Killstreaks and bears oh my!
Tosh – September 3rd

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As always, we’re open to game nights! If you have an idea for one, let us know! We haven’t had a proper one for a couple weeks now.

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Thanks for reading! Sorry I was a day or so late, stuff happens. Glad to see there are more writers coming into the fray as well!

  • Eddie

    lol I had WAY more entries in Quick News then 3. I counted 7 entries since 9/1.

  • Jay

    and how many of those were from September 5th? Look at the dates for the recap smart guy 😛

  • Luke

    Jay not having none of that!