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COD Black Ops Signs On Ed Harris and Gary Oldman to Lend their Voices (Bonus: David Goyer Helping With Story) |

via PSU, talented actors Gary Oldman and Ed Harris have lended their voices to Call of Duty Black Ops. Gary Oldman will play the role of Viktor Reznov from World of War and Harris will be a main character of a CIA operative, Jason Hudson.

Additionally David Goyer (writer of Batman) will be joining the team as a script consultant and story development support.

…man..ever since The Rock with Sean Connery, Ed Harris has always been a military guy in my eyes.

  • The game is less than 2 months away and they just now are hiring a guy to help with the story line? I don’t know much about video game development but it seems a bit late in the game (no pun intended) to be working on the story line. Wouldn’t the story element be nearly complete now? Unless the tweaks Goyer would be providing are merely dialog changes instead of mapping/level design integration to coincide with the story.

  • This game will be the best COD in my opinion…Treyarch seems to be better as far as DLC…As long as they are constantly releasing DLC, I can care less about the single player..