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Double Points for Certain Activities [Update] |

Until Sunday, September 12th. at 10 p.m. you can earn double points for certain activities on

[Update] Ok, let’s make this easier shall we, lol. You can get double points for the following until late this Sunday.

As always we are checking the points logs for abuse, so please don’t spam just to get points. Your points logs are public so anyone can look at them. If you notice any points abuse please contact myself or Jay.

  • You just made us point addicts extremely HAPPY!!

  • Another way to earn points, group has be inactive for a bit. Any ideas on what to bet on?

  • EdEN

    Mmm, we started that group with soccer in the world cup so why not go ahead with that? Argentina is already playing Spain so that’s too late as is the Switzerland vs England match. Mexico plays Colombia in a couple of hours, should we bet on that?

  • We should do the UFC’s for sure.. next one the end of the month i think

  • That would be interesting. I don’t watch those myself though. So I wouldn’t know who to bet on.

  • Eddie

    I’m big into UFC…although I’m not getting Mir vs Crocop or Bisping vs Akiyama. My next will be Lesner vs Valesquez on 10/23. Although the UFC Unleashed show starts on 9/15 with GSP vs Koscheck’s crews.

  • Eddie

    but I would take some bets on the fights.

  • Eddie i dont buy lesser ones like that either, but I do watch them all on the web the day after.. the last one was pretty good.. And the UFC Unleashed we could bet on.. šŸ˜Ž lots of fights that way

  • oh yay double points, i should check the random group more often e__e

  • Hey people shouldnt be abusing points, they have feelings to!

  • You are feeling generous aren’t you! Yea for the update

  • Nice! Am trying to catch up, since I’m a noob and all. Yeah, I’m happy to admit it!

  • I’m gonna beat Jay!

  • mulligank

    Sweet, thanks for the opportunity for us new to the site a chance to get enough points for lotto

  • Gibb:

    Iā€™m gonna beat Jay!  


    Not before I do!

  • Jay

    stfu n00bs

    Also, Tosh, got lazy and decided to change the settings once instead of everyday? lol