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EA Sports MMA Demo Coming Sep. 28 to the PSN |

EA Sports MMA  is EA’s first attempt at a Mixed Martial Arts game. It is based on the Strikeforce roster of fighters, including Randy Couture, Andrei Arlovski, Roger Gracie, my friend Cung Le, Nick Diaz, and the man most consider the best fighter in the world, Fedor Emelianenko.

The demo for EAs MMA will arrive Sept. 28. You will be able to play as two heavyweights Alistair Overeem and Bobby Lashley, and two middleweights Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Jake Shields. The will be four different skill levels and a tutorial to play. I’m not exactly sure how you would do so, but “By sharing the demo with friends, fans can unlock “Classic” Randy Couture as a playable character in the full version of the game.” The full game, featuring 60 fighters will be released on Oct. 19.


  • Sweet, i am actually pretty excited to this one, wasnt much of a fan of the UFC series

  • Eddie

    the UFC series was pretty good, but not enough for me to play it. I’m not much of a technical button pressing gamer. It still was kind of neat to see how many realistic things they put in the game.

  • I agree.. love playing it for a few mins then.. get bored.. actully why im more excited for the demo then the actual game lol

  • jacobfett

    Hopefully this is better than the ufc game, even tho it was fun