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Massive PlayStation Move FAQ |

Over at the official PlayStation.Blog they have a huge PlayStation Move FAQ listed. Way to much to list here but here are some highlights:

Q: What is the best position for a player to hold the PlayStation Move motion controller from the camera?
A: Players should calibrate in the location and position where they intend to play. The working range is 2 to 10 feet away from the camera, but the *ideal* range is 5 to 9 feet away from the camera, depending on the game.

Q: How does room lighting affect PlayStation Move gameplay?
A: The system is very robust and works under a range of lighting conditions, but it is important to keep in mind certain lighting conditions that can negatively impact gameplay. The room does not need to be dark to reach optimal gameplay; however, it is important to check that no direct bright light or sunlight is reflecting onto the controller or camera. Strong lighting from behind the player should be avoided — especially light that changes, such as light from another TV. Finally, if the camera sits on a very shiny surface, the camera might see reflections which may cause interference with gameplay.

Q: Will PlayStation Move work if playing a game on a video projector? If using a projector, what’s the best position for the PlayStation Eye camera?
A: Yes. Make sure the PlayStation Eye is not in the direct line of projection so that it’s not blinded. The camera should be positioned in front of the user, about shoulder height.

Q: How many PlayStation Move controllers will I need in order to play most games?
A: For most games, you will only need one PlayStation Move motion controller. There are also some titles, such as The Fight: Lights Out, that require two PlayStation Move motion controllers — one for each hand — to deliver the most precise gameplay experience.

Q: Will PlayStation Move be supported by third-party game developers?
A: Yes. PlayStation Move is getting wide support from the game development and publisher community, including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Capcom, Namco Bandai Games, Disney Interactive Studios, 2K Sports, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, Crave Games, and many more.

Q: If the sphere is pulled away from the PlayStation Move motion controller, can it be easily reattached? (asked by @Gavin_Gallagher)
A: No, the controller has to be disassembled to reattach the sphere, though it’s quite resilient to being pulled off.

Q: Will the PlayStation Move’s cursor be as jumpy and shaky as other motion controllers on the market?
A: No. PlayStation Move uses an array of sensors — gyroscopes, accelerometers, Z-tracking, and visual tracking via the PlayStation Eye and color-changing sphere — to triangulate the controller’s movements quickly and precisely with 1:1 precision. If the PlayStation Move is correctly set up, you will notice a smoother, vastly more precise feel than other motion controllers.

Q: I saw tech demos for PlayStation Move on the Internet. Will I ever be able to download these on the PlayStation Network?
A: The internal tech demos of PlayStation Move applications are currently not available for purchase or download.

  • i wish the would change its look

  • Andy

    I’d take accuracy over looks, if the ball at the end improves gameplay by enabling better tracking then I’m all for it.

  • EdEN

    And we’re still waiting for the store to update…

  • and four controllers are needed to play the fight and have fun

  • /: i need to buy another if i get one…damn

  • I actually went to pre order it today and decided to wait and think more about it.. expensive it right..

  • I actually preordered it…then realised we don’t get a game in AU, and that games like Sorcery and Heroes on the Move won’t be released at launch, so I’ve decided to wait a bit…
    Changed my preorder to Force Unleashed 2….

  • texas_ride: and four controllers are needed to play the fight and have fun  

    Is The Fight 2 player?

  • I preordered the Nav controller and Sports Champions. All the rest of the launch titles, I’m going to try on Gamefly first.

    I’m just pissed I can order Sports Champions from Gamestop’s website, but it’s not in stores yet.

  • i know what they mean about lighting conditions, had a chance to try Move at Betarooms in the UK, one demo unit really suffered because of this