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Another Kevin Butler Move Ad! |

Kevin Butler is now the VP of Family Funterventions now, and he is bringing the laughs as usual. The comment about the old guy was hilarious!


  1. Another awesome, awesome ad. They are just getting better and better.

  2. LMAO great add.. “Spanish American war.”. lol

  3. Nice one.

  4. “Less than 5 seconds ago via mouth”

  5. Day 1 Eating Cake. They Love Me.


  6. I don’t think he can makean ad not funny.

  7. this one was probably better than the Move-tage. I think he’s ALMOST convinced me to buy a Move. Although will probably import it, I don’t want to pay extra for Sports Champions…
    I assume a US Move will work with my AU PS3? I know software works, hardware does too, yes?

  8. It should. DualShocks from other territories work cross-region, so I don’t see why not.

  9. LOL: “Sorry dad, I already Tweeted it”

  10. The day Kevin Butler isn’t working for playstation anymore is the day I give up playstation and throw any and everything involved with it out. Ok thats a huge lie, but c’mon that guy needs to stay forever.

  11. 🙂 @ “VP-ehicle” on the bus

    very nice ad! TheKevin funny as ever.

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