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Another Kevin Butler Move Ad! |

Kevin Butler is now the VP of Family Funterventions now, and he is bringing the laughs as usual. The comment about the old guy was hilarious!

  • Luke

    Another awesome, awesome ad. They are just getting better and better.

  • LMAO great add.. “Spanish American war.”. lol

  • Nice one.

  • Jay

    “Less than 5 seconds ago via mouth”

  • Day 1 Eating Cake. They Love Me.


  • YeaYuh

    I don’t think he can makean ad not funny.

  • this one was probably better than the Move-tage. I think he’s ALMOST convinced me to buy a Move. Although will probably import it, I don’t want to pay extra for Sports Champions…
    I assume a US Move will work with my AU PS3? I know software works, hardware does too, yes?

  • Jay

    It should. DualShocks from other territories work cross-region, so I don’t see why not.

  • LOL: “Sorry dad, I already Tweeted it”

  • The day Kevin Butler isn’t working for playstation anymore is the day I give up playstation and throw any and everything involved with it out. Ok thats a huge lie, but c’mon that guy needs to stay forever.

  • 🙂 @ “VP-ehicle” on the bus

    very nice ad! TheKevin funny as ever.