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More Little Big Planet 2 Beta Details |

Yesterday I posted that emails had been sent out to the chosen participants for the LBP 2 Beta. It turns out those were only for European gamers. The North American Beta for the game will begin next week on the 14th according to one eager gamer who got his/her information straight from Sony. 

This user named TSFRJ on the Official PlayStation Community forums contacted SCEA Customer Support and received this bit of news:

 “According to SCEA reps at phone number 1-866-286-5123, the North America LBP2 Beta goes live September 14th.”

“Whether or not NA e-mails get sent by then is still unknown,” he continues. “Also they stated that if any major issues arise from the EU beta, then NA might get delayed but for now the current date is September 14th.”

SCEA made no mention of Plus subscribers gaining any special access to the Beta but this is good news for North American LBP fans who still want to participate in the Beta.


  • Excuse me but, OMG ask my friends i play lbp like 24.7 🙁 ive pre-ordered and all my friends are doing da beta like SASD, 🙁 no fair i play it way more than him.

  • Jay

    lol, wish I played it more often lol. I love the game, but damn, Sony makes too many good games and they don’t extend the hours in a day to be able to enjoy them all lol

  • i want this game.