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Swords and Soldiers Early Access for PS+ Subscribers |

Swords and Soldiers is a 2D sidescrolling real-time strategy game (RTS) that was previously only available through WiiWare. It has been updated for HD and is now headed to the PS3 via the PSN. It will be available first to PS+ subscribers beginning Sep. 21, both as the full game and a demo. Source

IGN’s review calls Swords and Soldiers “one of the best console real-time strategy (RTS) games ever,” and rates it an 8.7.

Description, and something you must see after the jump!!

There are three factions in Swords & Soldiers, the Aztecs, the Vikings and the Imperial Chinese (with ninja monkeys!!!). Each faction will have its own unique units, and abilities, calling for different strategies while playing through each of three respective single player campaigns. Each campaign has 10 missions in which the player must complete different objectives, including conquering the enemy’s base to surviving a full out assault. There is also gold and manna to be collected in order to produce troops and to cast spells respectively. Swords and Soldiers also boasts a skirmish mode, and a customizable split-screen multi-player mode. The game also has multiple mini-games and of course PSN trophies for different accomplishments.
It is rated E 10+ for Cartoon Violence and Mild Suggestive Themes. What is “The Mild Suggestive Themes” you ask? Well it’s all because of the Olga unit here:

I’m not sure what she’s suggesting, but I’m sure the game is gonna be a huge hit! This game looks to be very entertaining, and I’m looking forward to playing it.

  • yah! more free stuff for me :>

  • well the game won’t be free, but the demo will be..
    This is just an early release for us PS+ owners

  • “Mild Suggestive Themes” hahahha love that part, not sure what it’s suggesting just like Oly said but I like it!

  • LOL I was seriously up at like 2am laughing like crazy

  • Lol thats hilarious!! Looks like a pretty cool game, can’t wait to check it out.