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Flight Control HD Move Gameplay |

I told you guys about this game when it was announced in late August, and now, here’s a trailer for the upcoming title. Keep in mind, it’s both Move and DualShock compatible, but after watching this trailer, personally, I would find it hard to imagine playing it on anything but a Move.

The game itself looks to play really smooth and the Move controls seem to work REALLY well and really fast. Something a game like this absolutely needs. And with that, the gameplay of this game type is absolutely addicting (trust me, I wasted a lot of time playing a simple flash game version). Anyone else going to be picking this one up?

Here’s a big disappointment. The game will only be releasing in Europe, Asia (except Japan) and Australia next week. Japan gets it next month, and North America doesn’t get it at all. Prices are 4.99 Euros, 3.99 GBP, and 8.45 AUD.

  • What the hell is that all about?

  • this looks like a nice Casual game title.
    I wonder why we will never get it in N/A ??

  • @ Like the basic idea of the game is to saftly land the aircraft by polting a safe flight path from point a to b, but other aircraft and other things will get in your way.

    I have this game on my i pod touch but in that version you only have one level, this version looks to have much more varirty and it will be great fun playing in on the move :>

  • jacobfett


  • mulligank

    Looks like a good puzzle like game, Sux north America isn’t getting it. Is like to play it